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Q: Johns runs 4750m in a 5km race. how many meters has he got to run?
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How many meters is a lap?

it depends on the race

In a kilometer race A can beat B by 40 meters and B can beat C by 50 meters so how many meters can A beat C in a 500 meter race?

45 meters

How many meters are in a 3km race?

3000 m

How many meters is a 10k run?

A 10k (kilometers) race is 10,000 meters.

2.6 km race how many meters did you run?


How many meters in a 10km race?

15000 That's a 15k race. 10 km = 10000 m

How many laps would 800 meters be in a relay race?


After running 3.4km of a 10km race Patrice stumbled and fell and had to quit the race. How many meters did Patrice have left to run when she stopped the race?

none as she quit the race......................

How many meters do you cover in a K race?

10 k is 10,000 metres.

How long is a 5K race in meters?

5000 meters

How many laps is a 10 kilometers race if one lap is 500 meters?


How many water stations will be needed if water stations will be placed every 600 meters of a fifteen kilometers race?

Water station will be placed every 400 meters of a 5-kilometer race. How many water stations are needed?