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Q: Jointness implies cross service combination where in?
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What does the phrase Cross your palm with silver mean?

The phrase "Cross your palm with silver" is a saying that refers to giving someone money in exchange for a service or information, usually associated with receiving fortune-telling or advice from a palm reader. It implies providing payment for a service rendered.

Why is the cross considered a sacred symbol of Christianity?

Christ was crucified on the cross. Many crucifixes show Christ's crucifixion. An empty cross implies the Resurrection.

When was Meritorious Service Cross created?

Meritorious Service Cross was created on 1984-06-11.

When was Nursing Service Cross - Australia - created?

Nursing Service Cross - Australia - was created on 1989-10-18.

When was Distinguished Service Cross - United Kingdom - created?

Distinguished Service Cross - United Kingdom - was created on 1901-06-15.

When was Cross of Honour for Military Service Abroad created?

Cross of Honour for Military Service Abroad was created on 1997-06-16.

What is the mood of the verb Cross the Line?

The mood of the verb "Cross the Line" can be seen as determined or decisive, as it implies taking a firm action or making a clear boundary.

What president ordered the Creation the Distinguished service cross?

The Distinguished Service Cross was established by President Woodrow Wilson on January 2, 1918

What medals are higher than the Silver Star?

These US Service Medals are all higher commendations than the Silver Star. In their Order of Precedence: 1. Medal of Honor 2. Service Cross Medals: Navy Cross, Army Distinguished Sevice Cross, Air Force Cross 3. Distinguished Service Medals: Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Navy Distinguished Service Medal, Army Distinguished Service Medal, Air Force Distiguished Service Medal and Coast Guard Distinguished SErvice Medal. 4. Silver Star The Medal of Honor, Service Cross, Silver Star are awarded for different degrees of heroism in battle.

Decoration for distinguished active service on land?

Victoria cross?

Does Anthem blue cross cover ambulance service in Ca.?


What three flags is the Union Flag made of?

The Union Flag is a combination of the flags of Scotland, Ireland and England. ANSWER: It is a combination of the Cross of St. George (Engand), the St. Andrew cross (Scotland) and the St. David cross (Wales).