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Q: Law is a formal system of regulating conduct and relationships in society true or false?
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What is the role of an economist in the society?

To establish formal relationships among people as their daily business of living.

What is a formal relationship?

A formal relationships consists of feelings of respect, worship, acceptance and an adequate attitude to our supreme or subordinate human fellows. Formal relationships exist between employers and employees, students and professors, between customers and operators of different organisations, like shop assistants, clerks, bankers etc. Formal relationships should be held towards strangers as well.

Formal vote in congress disapproving of a legislators conduct?

A censure(:

What basic documents needed to conduct a formal meeting?


A formal statement that defines how the organization expects and requires employees to resolve ethical questions is?

A code of conduct is a formal statement that defines how the organization expects and requires employees to resolve ethical questions.

What are the Examples of formal and informal network?

Examples of formal networks are the business relationships formed through contracts or common business practices. Informal networks are relationships that occur naturally without direct financial or business gain.

What is formal debate?

A formal debate is an argument between two individuals that is bound by rules and the participants conduct themselves professionally. Some formal debates are competitions that are judged to have a winner.

What are the various relationships which exist within a formal organizational structure of a medium construction company at site level?

friendly relationships between co-workers. friendly relationships between co-workers.

What event created the belief that formal education was essential the well-being of society?

the industrialization of society

What is the formal term for the 'period of time spent by a sales rep building sales relationships with a customer'?

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Which type of group leadership calls for more formal relationships with group members?

instrumental leadership

What are the documents needed to conduct a formal meeting?

Notice, agenda, quorum, minutes, chairperson, secretary