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Length by height.


About artworks it is always height by length.

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Q: Length by height or height by length?
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Does a point have length and width but no height?

No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.

The height of a parallelogram is the length of its?

The height is the length of its altitude.

what is the height and length of a bilby?

what is the height and width and length of a biblie

Is length squared the same as length times height?

No! Length squared will be the length times the length again. Length times height is going to find the area so it will not be the same.

What are all the known dimensions?

there are 5. 1-length/height 2-Width and length/height 3-length and height and volume 4-Space and length and height and volume 5-Time and Space and Length and width and volume

What is your arm length and height?

height 150cm arm length 62cm

How do you do area with width height and length?

You multiply the width or length by the the height.

What is length and height?

Length is how long something is. Height is how tall something is.

How do you find the height using the length the width and the volume?

height*length*width = volume Divide both sides by length*width to find the height: height = volume divided by length*width

What comes first height or length?


How do you find width when volume height and length are given?

You really should know how to answer that question.Volume = (length) x (width) x (height) .Length = (volume) / (width x height)Width = (volume) / (length x height)Height = (volume) / (length x width)

What is the formula for finding the length if you have the volume height and width?

volume = length*height*width Rearrange the formula: length = volume/height*width

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