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Neither is lesser or greater than the other.

They are equal.

Both are [ 1,296 ].

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Q: Lesser or greater 6to the 4 power or 36 to the 2 power?
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How do you make a factor tree for 36?

question:make a factor tree for 36. 6 to the fifth power 6to the fifther power time 6

How do you tell a lesser siren from a greater siren?

It's difficult. To the best of my knowledge, if able, try counting coastal grooves between forelimbs and vent. Greater sirens will likely have 36+, while lesser sirens will have less than 35. Young individuals will be basically impossible to tell from any physical characteristics.

Which is greater 36 or 38?

38 is greater than 36.

Is 2 yards greater lesser or equal to 48 inches?

One yard is equal to 36 inches. 2 x 36 = 72 inches. Therefore, 48 inches is 24 inches shorter than two yards.

Which is greater 3.6 or 36 centimeters?

36 cm is greater than 3.6 cm!

How much greater is 36 than 63?

36 is -27 greater than 63.

What is greater 36qt or 54cups?

36 quarts is much greater than 54 cups. 36 quarts is 134.1 cups (US measures).

Is 18 greater or less than -18?


Which one is greater 3.6 or 36?


What number is 9 times greater than 4?


Can the gcf of 18 and 36 be greater than?

The GCF of 18 and 36 cannot be greater than 18.

Is 2 feet more or 36 inches?

36 inches is greater.

Which is greater 3.6m or 36 cm?

3.6m is greater

Is 36 inches greater least or equal to 2 feet?

36 inches is equal to 3 feet and is greater than 2 feet.

Is 36 greater or less than to 3ft?

It depends on 36 what.

What is greater 36 month or 104 weeks?

36 months

Is 9 out of 36 greater or is 7 out of 28 greater?

9/36 = 1/4 and 7/28 = 1/4, so 9/36 = 7/28

Can the greatest common factor of 18 and 36 be greater than?

The GCF of 18 and 36 cannot be greater than 18.

Which is greater 3.6 m or 36 cm?

3.6 meters is 360 cm which is greater than 36 cm3.6 meters is greater.

What is 36 to the 8th power?

36 to the 8th power is 2,821,109,907,456

How to express 36 as a power?

Well, you can't eXpress 36 as a power unless you have it more than once...... Like this 36x36x36=36 to the power of 3...... Or 36 with a small 3

6 to the power of 2?

6 to the power of 2 is 36

What is 35 fewer than?

36 and any number greater than 36.

Is negative 36 greater than 12?

No. -36 is less than 12.

Is 36 in. greater than 3 ft?

No it is equal because 36 inches IS 3 feet.