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List a metric unit for each measurement: lenght, volume, weight, and density,

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Q: List a metric unit for each measurement length volume weight and density?
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What are the base units for measurement in the metric system for mass length and volume?

The base units for metric measurements are, the gram for mass, the meter for length, and the liter for volume.

What are the metric units for length mass weight volume and density?

meters, grams, liters Density is mass divided by volume.

What is the density of gold when the mass is 5.00 cm?

5.00 cm is a length measurement, not a mass measurement. You need to know the mass and volume of an object to find density. Density = mass/volume.

Is a liter in metric measurement?

a. volume b. length c. width d. weight

Is liter a metric unit of measurement for volume?

Yes - the litre is a measurement of volume in the metric system.

Is a gallon part of a metric measurement?

No the metric measurement for volume is the liter.

What is the basic unit of volume in the metric system equal to 39.37 inches?

39.37 inches represents a measurement of length, not of volume. So there can be no unit of volume in the metric system equal to a length. Furthermore, volume is a derived units, not a basic unit.

Is metric or ton are same?

No. "Metric" refers to a system of measurement - of mass, length, volume etc. Tonne is a unit for measuring mass.

What does metric volume mean?

It is a measurement of volume using units from the metric system.

What is the measurement of length in the metric system?

Length's unit in the metric system is meter, volume's unit is liter, and mass's unit is measured in grams.(m, L, g)

Why you have metric system?

so that we have a basic measurement all over the whole world of length, volume, etc.

A metric unit of measurement for volume?

The standard unit of volume in the metric system is the liter.

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