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121 feet

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Q: Look at the baseball diamond If a player throws the baseball from 2nd base to home plate how far does he throw it?
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Which player throws strikes and balls over the home plate?

The pitcher.

Is a baseball ground a pentagon?

no, but the plate is a pentagon, the field itself is a diamond

How many bases are there in a baseball game?

There are 3 bases and a home plate on a baseball field diamond.

What was the shape of home plate in early baseball history?

Early professional baseball did not have the home plate we are used to seeing today. In its early years, home plate was a diamond shape.

What is Diamond plate leather?

diamond plate is a brand.

What is the area of the baseball diamond where you play baseball?

The area of the actual diamond, which is the area within the three bases and home plate, is 8100 square feet.

What is a baseball diamond?

A baseball diamond is the four-cornered portion of a baseball field in which the corners are the three bases and the home plate - which the batters run around to score home runs.

A pitcher throws a baseball towards home plate The baseball which has a mass of 145 g approaches the plate with 122 J of kinetic energy Calculate the speed of the baseball?

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When was Diamond Plate created?

Diamond Plate was created in 2007.

Is there cameras in the dirt of a baseball diamond?

yes, there are many in the dirt, one in the front of home plate

What is the size of a baseball diamond?

The dimensions of a major league baseball diamond are 90 feet from base to base. The distance from home plate to the pitchers mound is 60 feet and 6 inches.

Does a diamond leave a streak on a streak plate?

Diamond will not leave a streak on a streak plate. This is because the diamond is harder than the streak plate. It may leave a scratch, though.

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