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Using the first four lines, draw a square. Now use the next two lines to bisect the square both horizontally and vertically. You now have one square divided into four smaller squares. Use the last two lines to diagonally bisect two of the four smaller squares. There you go.

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Q: Make 2squares and 4 right angle triangle using 8 straight lines?
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Can a equliteral triangle be a acute angle?

No, an angle is not a polygon - lie a triangle - which is a closed plane shape bounded by straight lines.

What type of lines does a triangle have?

Straight lines.

Is an arch a triangle?

A triangle must have straight lines.

Which triangle is the only triangle that has perpendicular lines?

The Right Triangle. Perpendicular lines make a right angle.

Can a triangle have a pair of parellel and perpendicular lines?

No parallel lines but a right angle triangle has perpendicular lines.

What types of lines does a triangle have?


What type of triangle so stopredicular lines?

If you mean what type of triangle has perpendicular lines then it is right angle triangle.

What is a shape which has 3 lines but isn't a triangle?

If the shape has three straight lines and no other lines then it has to be a triangle

Summarize the Exterior Angle Inequality Theorem in your own words?

The measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is more than the measure of the intersection of two straight lines.

What is a triangle that has one angle formed by perpendicular lines?

right triangle

Triangles and lines of symmetry equilateral triangleissoceles triangleright angle triangle obtuse angleacute angle trianglescalene triangle?

is a right angle that intersects and 3 lines of symmetry

How many perpendicular lines does a right angle triangle has?

It has a pair of perpendicular lines that meet at right angles to form the 90 degree angle of a right angle triangle.

What kind of angle is the point where two straight lines or line segments meet to from a angle?

straight angle

What is right angle triangle and isoceles triangle?

A right angle triangle is a triangle with an angle 90 degrees. An isosceles triangle is a triangle with two or more equal angles/ length of lines. An equilateral triangle can also be an isosceles triangle.

Does a room need to have 3 walls to be considered a room?

Any area with just two straight edges can only be equivalent to an angle - no matter how small or large that angle is. A third edge is needed to create a closed space. Compare the difference between an angle, with two straight lines, and an enclosed triangle, with three straight lines.

Does a right angle triangle have any paralell lines?


What is a triangle witch has one angle formed by perpendicular lines?

right triangle

How many perpendicular lines has a triangle got?

two if the triangle has a right angle

How many parallel and perpendicular lines are they in a right angle triangle?

There are no parallel lines in any triangle but a right angle triangle has perpendicular line that meet each other at 90 degrees.

Angle bisector of a triangle?

The angle bisectors of a triangle are the lines which cut the inner angles of a triangle into equal halves. The angle bisectors are concurrent and intersect at the center of the incircle.

What kind of lines does a triangle have?

Straight ones... Not truly lines, but segments

Does a triangle have a curved side?

No. A triangle is a closed shape made of three straight lines, joined at their endpoints forming three vertices and three angles (hence tri-angle).

What is a three-sided enclosed figure called that is not a triangle?

If the lines are straight then it IS a triangle.

How can you draw a triangle with just two straight lines?


Is any line a straight angle?

Straight lines are straight angles (180 degrees)