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Width = 6 feet

Length = 24 feet

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Q: Martin fenced a rectangular pen for his dog he used 60 feet of fencing the length of the dog pen is 4 times its width what are the width and length of the pen?
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What is the equation for fencing?

Number of fencing panels required = Roundup(Length of fencing required/Panel length) There is no information in the question about the area to be fenced, so there is no simple formula to calculate the length of fencing required. It is assumed that the fencing panels used are all of the same length.

Martin fenced in a rectangular pen for his dog he used 60 feet of fencing material the length of the dog pen is 4 times its width what is the length and width of the dog pen?

2*length+2*width = perimeter Let the length be 4x and the width be x: 2(4x+x) = 60 8x+2x = 60 10x = 60 Divide both sides by 10 to find the value of x: x = 6 Therefore: length = 24 feet and the width = 6 feet

What is the total length in yards of fencing needed to enclose a rectangular area 1152 feet by 96 feet?

832 yards

Ben is planning to fence his rectangular garden The area of the garden is 50 square feet and the length of the garden is twice the width How many feet of fencing will he need?

4Improved Answer:-30 feet of fencing will be needed

A rectangular field150m wide required 800m of fencing to enclose long is the field?

The length of the field is 250 meters. As we know the field is a rectangle, you can divide the amount of fencing in 2, which would be 400 meters. This will provide you with enough fencing for one end and one side. To determine the actual length of the side you would take your 400 meters and subtract the end length which is 150 meters, leaving you with a side length of 250 meters.

A new city park is a rectangular shape the length is triple the width it will take 240 meters of fencing to go around the park find the length and width of the park?

the park is 30m x 90m

How can you find the diameter of a circular fiel that can be enclosed in a certain length of fencing materials?

Divide the length of the fencing by pi.

How much does chicken fencing cost?

I didn't know that chickens fenced! But, to be serious, it depends upon the type of mesh, its height and how much length you require. I always look in Wilkinsons but you may not have heard of them, The place to ask is a hardware specialist or a Do It Yourself shop.

The farm is to be fenced by a hedge of length 200?

Yes, so what is the problem?

What length of fencing should be purchased to enclose the entire circupar patio with a rafius of 10 feet?

Length of fencing needed = 2*pi*10 = 20*pi feet

178ft x 256ft area for auto storage that he want to enclose for security how much fencing will you need?

Assuming a rectangular plot, the perimeter is 2(Length + Width) = 2*(256 + 178) = 2*434 = 868 ft.

What are rectangular dimensions?

length and width