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can i get a project on maths topic is linear equations..??

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What is the term Linear in maths?

Resembling, represented by, or consisting of a line or lines. Examples in maths: linear equation: A linear equation is an algebraic equation in which each term is either a constant or the product of a constant and (the first power of) a single variable. Typical linear equation:

What does correlation mean in maths?

Correlation is a statistical measure of the linear association between two variables. It is important to remember that correlation does not mean causation and also that the absence of correlation does not mean the two variables are unrelated.

What is mathematics involved in maths projects?

because it is a 'maths' project

Any topic for maths project of class 9?

history of maths

Why do you need pivoting in maths?

You are given a system of n or more simultaneous linear equations involving n unknowns. Pick one of the unknowns, called the pivot variable. Find an equation in which it appears, called the pivot equation.

Where do data points fall on a linear graph?


What is difference in maths?

The answer in a subtraction equation.

How do you get the mean in maths?

add up all the variables and then divide the sum by the number of variables. that will give you your mean. :)

Working model on maths for project?


Define variables in maths?

a variable is a letter that stand for another number

How do you do maths?

To do maths you simply solve the equation: ymxkb(8.22563)^2/yx8zm5b6wk=xmkjfqp(845632175)^2

What does quadratic mean in maths?

In maths, something that is quadratic is squared. So a quadratic equation will have X squared in it.

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Answer for add maths project work2010?

post the questions and you will get the answer.

What problems will you have in doing a maths project?

Usually none.

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I want some information on population maths project for my maths competition student of class 7th?

Maths is for kids and teenagers all around the world to study and become great Maths wizards

What is the name of equals or ' equals ' in maths?


What does rhs stand for in maths?

Right Hand Side [of an equation]

What is the hardest maths equation on earth?

most likely pi

Can anybody help you with this maths equation?

No. Because there is no mathematical question.

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