Merits of sampling

Updated: 11/4/2022
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There are several merits of using sampling as a methodology of research. Some of them include saving on time and labor, it significantly reduces the cost of the operation and so much more.

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Q: Merits of sampling
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Merits and demerits of judgemental sampling?

demerits of sampling?

What are the merits and demerits of sampling methods?

Advantages and Limitation of Sampling: 1. Sampling saves time and labour. 2. It results in reduction of cost in terms of money and manhour. 3. Sampling ends up with greater accuracy of results. 4. It has greater scope. 5. It has greater adaptability. 6. If the population is too large, or hypothetical or destroyable sampling is the only method to be used. The limitations of sampling are given below: 1. Sampling is to be done by qualified and experienced persons. Otherwise, the information will be unbelievable. 2. Sample method may give the extreme values sometimes instead of the mixed values. 3. There is the possibility of sampling errors.

Explain various pricing method with their merits and demerits?

The merits of the sampling methods takes the right products to the right customers. The demerit of this pricing method is that there are some goods which can't be sold therefore leading to losses.

What are the various kind of sampling?

They include: Simple random sampling, Systematic sampling, Stratified sampling, Quota sampling, and Cluster sampling.

Merits and de merits of chemical fertilizer?

Merits and de merits of chemical fertilizer?

What are the merits of motorway?

merits of motorway? merits of motorway?

Which one is called non probability sampling a. cluster sampling b.quota sampling c. systematic sampling d. stratified sampling?

Answer is Quota sampling. Its one of the method of non-probability sampling.

What is sampling in research?

Sampling techniques in researching involves to types of sampling. The probability sampling and the non-probability sampling. Simple random is an example of probability sampling.

Is convenience sampling method not a random sampling?

You are correct; convenience sampling is not random sampling.

Define the four different sampling techniques?

1) Simple random sampling 2) Systematic sampling 3) Stratified sampling 4) Cluster sampling 5) Probability proportional to size sampling 6) Matched random sampling 7) Quota sampling 8) Convenience sampling 9) Line-intercept sampling 10) Panel sampling

What are the sources of sampling errors?

Sampling and Non sampling errors

What type of sampling (sample strategy) is it when I am sampling employees from different organizations?

Convenience sampling or quota sampling