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48 degrees Fahrenheit = 8.89 degrees Celsius

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Q: Metric temperature for 48 dregrees Fahrenheit?
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What is 48 dregrees Fahrenheit converted to Celsius?

48ºF = 8.9ºC

Calculate the metric temperature for 48 degrees Fahrenheit?

Subtract 32 than multiply by 5/9.

How many degrees is -48 Fahrenheit?

-48 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to a temperature of -44.44 degrees Celsius.

The temperature in Chicago at 6pm was 35 degrees Fahrenheit By midnight it had dropped 48 degrees What was the temperature at midnight?

A drop of 48 degrees from + 35 would equal -13 degrees Fahrenheit (which would be an incredible drop, and so is probably not an actual circumstance).

Would thermal energy be greater at 0 celsius or 48 Fahrenheit?

Thermal energy is greater at 48 Fahrenheit because it represents a higher temperature than 0 Celsius. Thermal energy is a measure of the internal energy of a system, which increases with temperature.

What is the temperature in New York in the month of March?

On average, it is between 34 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which temperature is 10 degrees warmer than 38 degrees F?

48 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the state of Washington the highest recorded temp. was 118 degrees Fahrenheit above zero and the lowest recorded temp. was 48 degeees Fahrenheit below zero. What is the difference in temperature?


What was the temperature for the Aztecs?

The temperature that the Aztecs experienced varied throughout the year. On average, the temperatures varied between 48 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coldest place in lower 48 states?

Fraser, Colorado is the coldest place in the lower 48 states with an average mean temperature of 32.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

How many degrees Fahrenheit is 48 degrees Kelvin?

48 kelvin = -373.27 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which temperature is 10 degrees warmer than 38 Fahrenheit?

What temperature is 4 degrees Celsius warmer than -1