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Sounds like a system of equations.

X = adult ticket

Y = student ticket

Change all to pennies for convenience.

X + Y = 105

300X + 150Y = 25000

-150(X + Y = 105)

- 150X - 150Y = - 15750

300X + 150Y = 25000

-----------------------------------add them

150X = 9250

X = 62 adult tickets


Y = 43 student tickets


Those two prices added together = $250.50

So, we are a little off. I rounded the adult ticket number, but pieces of tickets can not be sold, so check work.

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Q: Michelle sold tickets for the basketball gameEach adult costs 3.00 and each student ticket cost 1.50 There were 105 tickets sold for a total of 250.00How many of each type of ticket were sold?
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