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Negative times positive equals negative.

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is a minus.

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Q: Minus multiplied by a plus
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Why is minus plus minus equal to a positive number?

A minus plus a minus is not necessarily positive. A minus multiplied by a minus is. The reason being that the minus of a minus is a positive. It's a double negative.

Why minus multiplied minus is plus?

two negatives multiplied by each other would create a positive, since the two negatives cancel out each other

What is 45 minus 2 multiplied by 4 plus 4?


What is 11 multiplied by 3 plus 9 minus 5?


What is 19674 plus 82 minus 7623 multiplied by 72?


What is negative 7 times 7?

negative 49. This is because a minus multiplied by a plus is a minus.

What is 6 minus 1 multiplied by 0 plus 2 divided by 2?


45 minus 36 divdided by 4 multiplied by 5 plus 9?


What does a plus and a minus make?

-- If they're being multiplied or divided, then they make a minus. -- If they're being added or subtracted, then they can make either a plus or a minus. It depends on which one is bigger.

What is 7 minus 4 plus 3 multiplied by 0 plus 1?


Is product is plus or minus?

if 2 positive numbers are multiplied, then the product is positive. if 2 negative numbers are multiplied, the product is positive. if a positive and a negative number are multiplied, the product is negative.

How can you verify 1 plus tan theta divided by 1 minus tan theta equals cot theta plus 1 divided by cot theta minus 1?

It depends if 1 plus tan theta is divided or multiplied by 1 minus tan theta.

What is plus multiplied by plus?

plus multiplied by plus is plus

What is 1000 plus 10 minus 100 multiplied by 4 in standard form?


What is minus two multiplied by minus two?


Does plus minus mean plus?

Same mathematical signs equal plus Different mathematical signs equal minus Plus Plus = Plus (+)(+) = + Minus Minus = Plus (-)(-) = + Plus Minus = Minus (+)(-) = - Minus Plus = Minus (-)(+) = - So the direct answer to your question would be: plus minus equals minus

What is a plus and a plus if a plus and a minus is a minus?

A plus + a plus is a plus.

What does a minus plus a minus equal9?

A minus plus a minus will give a sum with a minus also.

Why minus is multiplied with minus is positive?

i have no idea.... it just is :P

How do you get 37 if you have to use only 1 3 5 7?

5 multiplied by 7 plus 3 minus 1

What is N if N divided by 5 plus 6 minus 4 multiplied by 3 equals 33?


100 divided by 5 multiplied by 4 minus 79?

100 divided by 5 multiplied by 4 minus 79 is 1.

Does a minus times a minus equal a plus?

Yes it does. A minus is the opposite of something, so the minus of a minus is a plus.

Simplify12 minus 9 multiplied by 3 minus 14?


8 minus 13 minus 8 minus 2 multiplied by 2 equals?


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