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Q: Mrs Sommers initially thinks that a wise use of her fifteen dollars would be to spend the money on?
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Why does Bill want to make the boy's ransom fifteen hundred dollars instead of two thousand?

The boy is such a nuisance that Bill thinks it unlikely that the boy's father would pay two thousand dollars to get him back.

How do you earn 30 dollars?

Do something that someone else thinks is worth paying you 30 dollars for.

How long does Tim think it will take to travel fifteen miles in his wagon?

Tim thinks he will never get there. His wagon has no wheels.

How do you make 5 dollars in 10 minutes?

Do some work for 10 minutes that someone thinks is worth paying you 5 dollars for.

Explain what Huck initially thinks about Mary Jane?

huck really likes her and feels so bad for her, he tells her the truth about the conn men

What does montag think he sees what is it really?

Montag initially thinks he sees a person on the railroad tracks, but it turns out to be a mechanical hound.

Does this sentence demonstrate correct subject verb agreement Elena thinks five dollars are a lot of money.?

No, the sentence should be "Elena thinks five dollars is a lot of money" to show correct subject-verb agreement. The subject "five dollars" is singular and requires the singular verb "is" instead of "are."

What is the most expensive substance in the world that is 68 million dollars per gram?

I thinks it's Anti-matter.

Give at least fifteen example of subject verb agreement?

# She works. # They work. # She lives. # They live. # They write. # He writes. # They go. # It goes. # It thinks. # We think. # She hears. # They hear. # He loves. # They love. # He runs.

What did M Krempe think of Victor's favorite authors Agrippa Paracelsus and Magnus?

M. Krempe thinks that Agrippa, Paracelsus, and Magnus are outdated, and pathetic, the same view his father expressed when Victor was fifteen.

In the book Hoot where does Roy think his father works?

Roy initially thinks his father works in Orlando, but he later discovers that his father is actually a building site superintendent in Coconut Cove.

How much does Holden think it will cost him to get a prime table in the Lavender Room?

Holden thinks it will cost him about ten dollars to get a prime table in the Lavender Room.