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Multiplication is the inverse operation of division when the latter is defined.

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Q: Multiplication is the opposite or what of a division problem and gt?
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How do you solve 3x equals 15?

3x = 15 >> 3x = multiplication, and the opposite of multiplication is division. So you take 3x, draw a line under it to show division, then write 3. After that, cross out the 3x/3. With algebra what you do to one side, you do to the other, so then you take 3 and divide it by 15. >>the answer>> X=5

What two numbers make 54?

[5] and [4] In addition --> 22+32 In subtraction --> 100-46 In multiplication --> 27x2 In division --> 108/4

What does inverse property of addition means?

jump!!! on your math >.> hmm inverse is the opposite so I'm assumeing the inverse property means the opposite of the number and any number plus it's opposite equals 0, as for the multiplication. ta heck if i know i sleep all day during math

How is dividing integers similar to multiplying integers with the resulting sign?

The rules for the sign (positive or negative) of the result of a multiplication is the same as division. For multiplication: Positive * Positive --> Positive Positive * Negative --> Negative Negative * Positive --> Negative Negative * Negative --> Positive For division: Positive / Positive --> Positive Positive / Negative --> Negative Negative / Positive --> Negative Negative / Negative --> Positive

What is floor division in Python?

Floor division is division where the answer is rounded down. For example, 5/2 in floor division is not 2.5, but 2. In Python 2, floor division is the default. In Python 3, the floor division operator is //. Python 2: >>> 5/2 2 >>> 5.0/2 2.5 Python 3: >>> 5/2 2.5 >>> 5//2 2

What division problem has a remainder of 2?

many ... any number x so that (x+2)/x, x>2

What is reduction division?

=>The first division of meiosis in chromosome reducted.

How do you solve 50 plus 15000 divided by 25?

50 + 15000 / 25 > 50 + ( 15000/25) > 50 + (600) >650 (NOTE: In multi-step mathematical operations open brackets first, then multiplication and division, then addition and subtraction).

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How is plant cell division different from animal cell division?

animal > plant

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Opposite of mysterious>obvious, open, apparent, evident.

What are some other words for multiplication in math?

multiply multiplication times bla>1

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The name taxonomists use for organisms in the kindom of Plantae instead of phylum is division. So instead of a plant be classified by Kindom>Phylum>Class>Order>Family>Genus>Species, the would be classified by Kindom>Division>Class>Order>Family>Genus>Species Divison

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What is an example of the inverse of multiplication?

divition: Ex. 5x>15

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•-------> •-------> or you can do them the opposite ways

Why multiplication does not exist on a windows caculater?

It's quite possible you're looking for the wrong symbol on the calculator to represent Multiplication. Instead of using the normal X sign, on a windows calculator, multiplication is represented by an asterisk - one of these -> * Multiplication exists on all Windows Calculators.

How do you identify the opposite number and the absolute value of a rational number?

The opposite of any rational number, q is -q. Then if q >= 0 , its opposite and absolute value are both q.If q < 0 then -q > 0 and the opposite and absolute value are both -q.

Is fractions the same as division?

Indeed--fractions are merely an alternative way to represent division. example: 1/2 ----> one divided by two ----> 0.5 ;)

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