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Q: Multiply these numbers the quickest and easiest way possible 87 x 5 x 2 B.) Explain how you were able to quickly determine the product. Justify your reasoning using a property of multiplication.?
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How do you get the answer 100 using seven fours multiply only?

Using only multiplication it is not possible.

Why is it possible to invert the divisor and multiply?

Because division and multiplication are mutually inverse operations.

Why is multiplication by zero not possible?

Zero(0) means NOTHING!!!! So how can you multiply nothing !!!!

How to muliply fraction?

Answer: First multiply the numerators together and then multiply the denominators together and if possible reduce the answer into its lowest terms. Answer: Also, while this is optional, it helps to do any simplification BEFORE the actual multiplication.

What does 3 times x followed by c mean?

It means that you multiply 3 times x times c. It is also possible that the "x" is a multiplication sign, in which case you only multiply 3 times c.

What is the least possible product of 1 2 6 8 in a multiplication sentence?

If you use all those numbers as factors, it doesn't matter in which order you multiply - the result will always be the same.

How do you find the largest possible product of 26 99 46 102 234?

Multiply them all together: 26*99*46*102*234 = 2,826,066,672 And thanks to the associative and commutative properties of multiplication of integers, you will get the same answer whatever order you multiply the numbers.

What two numbers add up to 2 and multiply together to make 3?


Is it possible to teach a dog multiplication?

Yes, unfortunatly I have never figured out how. But I have seen dogs that can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and find square roots, at about the level that a 1st or 2nd grader would be doing.

What two numbers can you multiply to get -24?

Assume we want to determine the integers that multiply to obtain -24.Here are the possible pairs:-1 and 241 and 242 and -12-2 and 123 and -8-3 and 84 and -66 and -4

Multiplication to find all the possible factors of the number 56?


What multiplication problem equals 22?

5*4.4 is one possible answer