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The square root of 7921 is 89.

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How do you mathematically express x equals n squared where it repeats until n equals 0 eg for n equals 4 x equals n squared plus n-1 squared plus n-2 squared plus n-3 squared?

Simple equation lad. In your example, you said n=4 and x= n squared + n - 1 + (n-2)squared + (n-3)squared. You simply write n²+n-1+(n-2)²+(n-3)² I hope that is what you mean by what you say. P.S. To get the to the power of sign, hold alt and press 0178 for ², and 0179 for ³

What is n n squared equals?

n x n2 = n3

What is the value of nยฒ?

That depends on the value of "n". n2 (n squared) simply means "n" times "n".

Which is the best way to solve the equation x squared equals n?

If x squared equals n, then x is the square root of n.

What is 3 squared times n equals 63?

3 squared is 9 and so 9n = 63 which means n = 7

Use Guassian quadrature with n equals 1 and n equals 2 and compare to exact value I equals compare to exact value?

Use Guassian quadrature with n=1 and n=2 and compare to exact value I=

What is the answer for n x7 equals 56?

If you mean n times 7 equals 56... Then the value of n is 8 !

12m squared n 12m cube n squared plus 24m squared n cube equals?

It equals a nonsense. Some of the measures are areas in 2-dimensional space while others are measure of volume in 3-dimensional space. According to basic principles of dimensional analysis, combining them together is not valid.

What is the value of n for 517 divided by 2 equals n?


What is the value of n in 10 x n equals 0.27?


Is a parabola u shaped or n shaped if its x squared value is a negative fraction?

n shaped

What does n equal 2n equals 25?

The value of n is 12.5

What is the value of n-7 equals 1?

n = 8

What is n divided by 2 equals 3?

The value of 'n' is 6

What must you multiply n squared to get n cubed?

n squared x n n x n x n = n cubed n x n = n squared n squared x n = n cubed

N plus n equals 10. So what is the value of n?


How do a square and a square root relate to each other?

using n to represent the number. n^2 when squared rooted equals the original number, n; and when a number squared rooted is squared, it also equals to the original number. Hence the relationship is, when either of the operations is applied to the opposite operation (i.e. n^2 is opposite to square root of n) is result is always the original number, n. Hope I didn't confuse you too much :)

What is the value of n if 2n plus 7 equals 19?

2n plus 7 equals 19 2n equals 12 n equals 6

What are the solutions to the quadratic equation n2 -n -90 equals 0?

If: n squared -n -90 = 0 Then the solutions are: n = 10 or n = -9

If n plus 5 equals 18 what is the value of n?

n + 5 = 18 n = 13

What is the value of N when 49-N equals 24?


What is the value of n in n2 equals 225?

n= sqrt 225 = 15

Find the value of n in the equation 6.2n - 3.7n equals 85 plus 45?

n equals 52

What does n equal if n equals 0.222?

The question gives the value of n. n MUST equal 0.222.

What are the multiples of n 2?

If that's n squared, the multiples are n squared, 2 n squared, 3 n squared and so on. If that's n + 2, the multiples are n + 2, 2n + 4, 3n + 6 and so on.