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Natural numbers.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Name sets of numbers to which 3 over 5 belong to rationals?
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Which set of numbers does 3 over 10 belong to?


What set of numbers does -1 over 7 belong?

It belongs to the rational numbers which is a subset of the real numbers. The reals, in turn, is a subset of complex numbers.

What subsets of the real number negative 7 over 4 belong?

The one which says rational numbers (ℚ).

Is 0.25 rational?

yes, it is rational because it isnt neverending. irrational numbers are neverending like pi which is 3.14-----------------------------------. it basically never ends. rationals such as 25 over 100 end if you divide 100 into 25. sources: my algebra book

What set of numbers does a mixed fraction belong to?

A mixed fraction is a rational number because you can rewrite it as one integer over another.

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Which property is illustrated in this problem 33 plus 0 equals 33?

The fact that 0 is the additive identity over for integers or rationals or reals.

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