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Hundredths place

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Q: Name the place value of the last digit in 46.91?
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What does place value mean?

the value of a digit as determined by its position in a number, the name of the place or location of a digit in a number

If the value of the digit in the first decimal place is tenths what is the value or name of the seveth decimal place?


Name the place-value position of the first digit of the quotient 17 divided by 1527?


Name the place -value position for the digit 8 in 6821354?


Name the place-value position of the first digit of the quotient 23 divided by 1941?


What does it mean to estimate by rounding to the thousands place?

Place values in math refer to the value of digits based on their position in a given number.To estimate a decimal to the thousandths place one must estimate to the third digit or place after the decimal point.Example:3.14159 when rounded to the thousandths place would be 3.142The name of the place value is derived from the fraction that the digit represents.Example:.1 is one tenth of 1. Therefore the first digit after or to the right of a decimal point is in the tenths place..01 is one hundredth of 1. Therefore the second digit after a decimal point is in the hundredths place.This pattern continues through thousandths, ten-thousandths and beyond adding a zero to the end of the place value with each space beyond the decimal to determine the next name.

Name the digit in the ten billions place 198416876543?

Count off the eleventh digit from the right.

What is the name of a number that has a digit in the tenths place hundredths place and beyond?

It is a decimal fraction.

What is a call when you have a digit in the tenths place or beyond?

There is no special name.

How does knowing the place value of each digit help you rite the word name?

"Rite" is a religious or other solemn ceremony. I do not see what role numbers will play in that. I suggest you first make sure you can spell correctly. Then you can look at the issue of place values.

What does decimal mean in math?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. If it does not contain a fractional part then the decimal representation does not require a decimal point. The name is derived from "deci" which means pertaining to ten.

Difference between place value and face value?

The difference is the PLACE VALUE is the number in standard form and the VALUE is the name of the place spot the number is in.

What is a 24 digit number called?

The name "24-digit number" is just fine.The name "24-digit number" is just fine.The name "24-digit number" is just fine.The name "24-digit number" is just fine.

How do you round to the nearest unit?

0-4.99r is the lower unit, 5-9.99r is the higher unit.Sometimes it is advantageous to express a value in round numbers. To round to a particular place, look at the digit immediately to the right of the one you want to round to. If that digit is 4, 3, 2, 1 or 0, zero it and everything to the right of it out. If that digit is 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, increase your target digit by one and zero everything to the right of it out.Units is another name for ones, so look at the tenths place.

What is 6.02 write the word name for each number and tell the value of the underlined digit?

Six and two thousandths

How do you round off 6.846 to the place value named?

Name the place value, and we'll zero in on it.

What is the name of the biggest place value?

There is none. Place values go on forever.

Why only is allowed as a identifiers and other chars and digits aren't allowed?

During parsing, a leading digit indicates a value, not a name.

What is the place value name of the 4 in the decimal 6.324?


What is the place value name of the 2 in the decimal 6.324?


What is the place value name for 8.0004?

Eight and four ten-thousandths

Name the ones place in math?

unless the number is a decimal, the number in the one's place is always the last digit. if you are using a decimal number, the one's place is the last number before the decimal. ex: 5,307 the one's place is 7 546.9 the one's place is 6

What is the name of the last digit in the bar code number?

check digit

The symbol or name of a number?


What is the name of a decimal that has an ending digit?

Assuming that you mean a digit, it is a terminating decimal.