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Do you need to find the outlet at a hardware store, electrical store or around your pool area? At your pool area - GFCI's can sometimes be found around the pool equipment pad. Sometimes they are located just off the deep end of the pool at the edge of the deck straight back from the pool light if your pool has a light. However these fixtures do not have any access to an outlet. It is usually just a GFCI fixture. GFCI's can sometimes be found in shrubbery surrounding the pool. You just have to hunt for it in those locations. And there are the instances where no GFCI is provided. There may also be a GFCI in the circuit breaker box but this one will not have an outlet. What is your need for an outlet? If you have a pool light that does not have a GFCI in the system you then need to call a qualified swimming pool electrician or a qualified pool tech to install one. There are special requirements for this application.


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Q: Need to find a gfci pool outlet?
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Is a GFCI breaker required for an electric pool heater?

I'm not positive but, as far as I know, one is required on a 120V heater but not on a 220V heater. Even if a GFCI isn't required I would install one anyway for the safety of your family and friends. These devices do work and are well worth the cost. Call a Professional... Either a GFCI outlet or a GFCI breaker, and I think I'd use the GFCI outlet because the reset on an outlet is closer to the pool than the breaker would be. But put it far enough away from the pool that you've got to get out to reset it. I think that's code; if it's not it should be.

How do you find and repair an electrical short in an inground pool light fixture and wall switch?

You need the proper tools and the qualifications to do this job. Call a qualified swimming pool electrician or pool tech to do the job to code and install a GFCI. k

Should pool pump be on GFIC breaker?

If a pump motor receptacle is located between 6' - 10' from the inside pool wall, the receptacle must be a single twist-lock outlet, grounded, and GFCI protected. Maximum flexible cord length for pump is 3 Ft.

What can you do to avert a hazard with an above ground pool and an attached electrical 240v pool filter system if the filter falls into the water?

Put the filter system on the ground where it cannot possibly fall into the pool. Also have the system run through a GFCI circuit. GFCI outlet... does that stop the flow of electricity when the filter hits the water? I was thinking more along the lines of rambunctious idiotic teenagers throwing the unit into the pool. (God knows they've thrown everything else in there...) I think next year I'll attach it to a large board, so it isn't so maneuverable. Many thanks for your reply! Your entire pool electrical service MUST be GFCI protected according to NEC requirements. The pool should absolutely NOT be used if it's not done this way. The GFCI system is to protect lives! Humm, I cannot understand how a filter the large tank can just fall into the water. Same with the pump. ????????? Firstly, the filter has no power to it 110v 220v or otherwise.

How can you run a 115V outlet to your pool pump if you have 110V outlets outside?

You can run a wire from one of the outdoor outlets. 110, 115, and 120 volt circuits are pretty much interchangeable. An appliance rated for one of these will work fine on any of them. You may need to check the pump's amperage to be sure it isn't greater than the capacity of the circuit breaker. You need to check the NEC concerning pool pumps. The pump must be GFCI protected. A licensed electrician should be consulted to ensure this pool system is done correctly and for the safety of people using the pool.

Why should a ground fault interrupter be used with portable electric motor?

Unless the motor is used for SPA/pool type use, it does not need a GFCI. Motors can cause nusiance GFCI trips due to sparking at start up. Ideally motors should be operated on dedicated circuits.

What measurement you need to find a swimming pool?

Length of the perimeter and the depth. Is it a diving pool?

Repair a swimming pool light?

This is not a job for a novice. Please let a qualified pool tech do the job for which he is more than qualified to accomplish. After all he knows the swimming pool electrical codes, what to look for , when to replace or refurbish, what to test, how to test and which GFCI works with the system. You will need a GFCI on your light if you do not currently have one. It matters none that you are JUST replacing the bulb - the code calls for upgrading/updating the entire system. Do yourself a favor and let a professional do this job. Electricity and water do not mix well.

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a pool light?

The pool light is usually on a 15 amp circuit. The breaker feeding this circuit must have a GFCI rating.

my above pool is a stze 15x48what size do i need?

Lucky for you that you have the perfect sized pool! You should not need more than 15x48 and if you find that you do, perhaps you should look into an in ground pool instead?

How do i convert from chlorine to salt in above ground pool?

All you need is the salt and a salt water chlorinator. to get the correct equipment you should speak with a pool technician or a sales outlet that deals with salt water chlorinators.

How do you build a pool slide?

depends on the type of pool you have. the easiest is really just to buy one at a local pool and outdoor furnishing outlet.

How do you find a leak in a large cement pool?

First you need to determine if your pool is leaking, check out our website for tips.

How do you hook up a sand filter to above groundpool?

Attach flex hose from pool skimmer outlet to pump inlet. Attach second hose from pump outlet to filter inlet Attach third hose from filter outlet to pool return

What kind of pool supplies do you need to maintain your swimming pool over the summer?

The best way to find out what pool supplies you will need is to go to your local pool store and speak to a worker there. You should remember to ask when chemicals will be needed to keep your Ph in balance.

Can a regular light bulb be used in a swimming pool?

no the pool will get shocked and who ever is in it will die :( Well to improve on the above. Normal light bulbs or spot lights are not designed to illuminate in the same way that a swimming pool bulb would be. If the original light fixture was installed as per code it should have a GFCI in the system to prevent electrocution. If the system has no GFCI a qualified electrician should install one right away or when the pool light is changed or the lighting system is worked on or serviced.

How do you fix a pool if the slab of cement around the pool is sinking?

First, you need to find and fix the leak that is causing the deck to heave.

Why are frogs attracted to a pool?

Frogs are attracted to a pool because they need water and poos also are where frogs find insects to eat.

where can I find replacment bottom tracks for a above ground pool? carries all the pool parts you need.

I need to find an installer for an above ground pool.?

You can ask the seller of the pool if they also do installation or visit a website such as for info.

Where is the filter intake side of a pool?

The filter intake is the outlet that is at a higher point than the other. There are two outlet ports on an above ground pool, there is a hgh one and there is a lower one. It is the higher one that is the intake for the filter system.

Do swimming pool pumps require GFCI breakers?

Depends where you live. Some Electric Codes will say yes, but around here, the answer would be no.

Light bulb in swimming pool burns out frequently?

Hire a pool tech to trouble shoot the device. You are either using the wrong bulbs or the light fixture and wireing are old. You also HAVE to have a GFCI added to the system.

Where can you most likely find a swimming pool?

you could find a pool a the town pool,friends house

What is the proper way to install a swimming pool light?

The proper way is to call an electrician. Dozens of children are electrocuted every year due to faulty pool lights. This is a serious problem that should not be taken lightly. More inputA qualified pool tech may be just a tad less expensive and he will know the codes and know what to look for in a faulty or old light fixture. At the same time he will check out the GFCI if it has one. If your pool light dies not have a GFCI then one must be installed at the time the pool light is being worked on. The electrician or pool tech are requried to tell you of this code. If you are installing a pool light for the first time it gets a little more complicated.