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200 g in the ratio 8 : 3 : 2 is approx 123 g, 46 g and 31 g.

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Q: Need to find the ratio of 8 3 2 to 200 grams of flour?
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How many pounds is 450 grams of flour?

120 grams per cup, so 3.6 cups. This is only true for flour, as cups measure volume but grams are a measure of weight. To find out the grams to cups ratio for other items look up a table.

How many cups of Flour is 225g?

225 grams of flour is .95 cups. The formula to convert grams to cups is 1 gram = 0.00423. So, you would multiply how many grams you have by 0.00423 to find out how many cups you need.

How many grams in a cup of flour?

A cup of flour is 120 grams. I think this is the best answer for me. Because different cups of flour is different. If you try to measure a cup of flour, we will found 120 g, 125 g, 130 g, 140 and 150 g.So we can not find out the accurate answer to the question. Because it depended on what cup we are using.Finally, The best answer will be 120 g for us.

How many grams of Chlorine are in 7 grams of Sodium Chloride?

To find the answer, we multiply the 7 grams of NaCl by the ratio of the molar mass of chlorine over the molar mass of sodium chloride. By doing this, we find that there are about 4.25 grams of chlorine in 7 grams of NaCl.

How much fluorine in grams was formed when the mass ratio of sodium to fluorine in sodium fluoride is 1 to 21 to 1 A sample of sodium fluoride produced 27point7 grams of sodium upon decomposition?

How do you find the mass ratio. And how many grams fluorine is made at decomposition.

What is the ratio of -3?

To find a ratio, you need to compare two numbers. Since you have only given one number, it is impossible to find a ratio.

How would you convert Grams into percent?

You cannot directly convert grams into percent; one is a unit mass, and the other is a unitless ratio. Perhaps you are thinking of the grams per deciliter (often abbreviated g% or gm%, and pronounced "grams percent"), a unit of density? If you have two or more mixed masses, you could find the ratio of either mass to the total mass thusly. Suppose you are preparing a cake recipe. The first step in the recipe instructs you to mix 10 grams of sugar with 190 grams of flour. The total mass of your dough after this step is 10 grams + 190 grams = 200 grams. Thus, the ratio of sugar mass to total mass of your dough is 10:200. 10 divided by 200 is 0.05. Multiply 0.05 by 100 percent and you get 5 percent. Your dough is 5% sugar by mass. Similarly, you can calculate that your dough is 95% flour by mass.

Where do you find the flour on oloko?

you cant find flour you have to make the flour.

How do you find density from grams?

This question, as stated, cannot be answered because there is no volume provided. Density is mass divided by volume. The question only provided mass.

How many cups of flour is 500 g?

It depends on the specific gravity of the flour. If you can find that out then it's just a multiplication - very simple. I.e.: the specific gravity of water is 1.0 g/ml If you have 10 ml of water and you want to know how many grams that is: 10 ml X 1.0 g/ml = 10 g

How many carbohydrates in tapioca flour?

Look into a nutritional database to find out: In essence, Tapioca is ~99% carbohydrate, has very little vitamins and minerals, and 300 grams fills your daily requirement for calories from carbohydrates.

How many grams are in a pound of ice cream?

it depends on what kind of ice-cream and how much u have. Check the side of the tub were they list the calories and stuff thats were u find the grams of sugar. i hope his is helpful :)