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Multiply the numerator (top) and the denominator (bottom) of the given fraction by any non-zero integer. You will have an equivalent fraction.

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Q: Need top write a two fractions that are equivalent to the given fraction?
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Would it be impossible to write all fractions equivalent to a half and why?

No. There are infinitely many equivalent fractions for any given fraction.

Why can you multiply the numerator and the denominator of a fraction by the same number to write an equivalent fraction?

Because that is how equivalent fractions are defined!

How do you write fraction that are equivalent to the given fraction?

Multiply the numerator and denominator by the same whole number.

How do you turn 44 into a fraction?

You could, if you must, write it as 44/1. You could then look for equivalent fractions.

How do you write fractions as a mixed number?

you write fractions as a mixed number by dividing what ever number thats in the fraction how do you write 0.304 as a fraction?

How do you write 0.19 as an equivalent fraction?

0.19 = 19/100 as a fraction. To find other equivalent fractions you simply multiply the numerator and denominator by the same non-zero integer.

How do you write 188 percent as a fraction?

188% as a fraction would be 188/100 or 1880/1000, since both fractions are technically the same (equivalent)

When you Write ma fraction as a decimals you write decimals Of fractions?

Restate the question: If you can write a fraction as a decimal, can you write a decimal as a fraction?Yes.

How do you change 1.00 to a fraction?

There are an infinite number of fractions that are all equivalent to 1.00 .Pick a number ... any number.Now, simply write a fraction, with the number you chose both on top of the fractionand on the bottom.The fraction is now equivalent to 1.00 .

When you write a fraction AS A decimal of the fractions?


How do you write a appropriate fractions?

what is an appropriate fraction

How do you write two equivalent fractions of 6 over 20?

6/20 is the same as 3/10 or 12/40. It is the fraction equivalent of 30%

Write three equivalent ratios for 3 4?

To get equivalent fractions to a fraction, choose some number, then multiply both numerator and denominator by this number.

How do you write an equivalent fraction?

This is how you write an equivalent fraction:2/4=1/2

What are six fractions equivalent to one sixths?

write two equivalent fractions to one sixth?

What are Two different ways to write the fraction 69?

If you mean 6/9 then the equivalent fractions are 2/3 and 4/6

How many different ways can you write a fraction that has a numerator of 2 as a sum of fractions?

Infinitely many ways, since if you have found one way then take one of the fractions and replace it by an equivalent fraction. Repeat for ever.

How do you write equivalent mixed fractions?

Change them to improper fractions and double them.

Write an equivalent fraction for whole number 3?

The number can be expressed as the rational fraction: 3/1. You can then calculate equivalent rational fractions if you multiply both, its numerator and denominator, by any non-zero integer.

How do you write 7.28 as a fraction?

0.28 is equivalent to 28/100 = 7/25 as a fraction. Therefore the given number is equivalent to 7 + 7/25 = 182/25.

How do you write equivalent fractions for a fraction?

Multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same counting number.

How do you write 0.533333333333333 as an improper fraction?

0.533333333333333 can't be an improper fraction. Improper fractions are greater than 1.

How do you write fraction from least to greastestlike3over4?

In order to write fractions from least to greatest you need more than one fraction!

How do you change a decimal to a dollar amount?

Steps for finding equivalent fraction for the given decimal number :- The method of decimal to fraction transformation engage the use of elementary regulation of fractions; the fraction is supposed to be writeProblem 1:- Find the equivalent percentage for the fraction `1/10` . Solution:- The given fraction is `1/10` . Step 1 Find the decimal equivalent for `1/10` . The decimal equivalent for `1/ 10` is 0.1. Ste..Steps for converting a fraction to equivalentspercentage:- The procedure of fraction to percentage translation involve the employ of fundamental regulation of fractions.. The subsequent steps demonstrate how to find eq..Introduction to equivalent fractionsdecimals and percents A fraction is a number that can represent part of a whole. A fraction consists of a numerator and a denominator , the numerator representing a number of equal parts and ..Practice problem 1 Find 3 equivalent fractions of `1/3` Answer : `2/6` , `3/9` and `4/12` Practice problem 2 Convert the following decimals into fractions, 1) 0.5 Answer : `1/2` 2) 0.75 Answer : `3/4` Practice problem 3 Convert ..Example 1 Find four equivalent fractions of `2/3` . Solution The equivalent fractions of a fraction can be found by multiplying and dividing the fraction by same number. Or in other words, multiply both numerator and denominator b..

What is an easy way to add fractions?

Build each fraction so that both denominators are equal.Remember, when adding fractions, the denominators must be equal. So we must complete this step first. What this really means is that you must find what is called a Common Denominator. So you solve this by using what's called the Least Common Denominator (LCD). In either case you will build each fraction into an equivalent fraction.Re-write each equivalent fraction using this new denominatorNow you can add the numerators, and keep the denominator of the equivalent fractions.Re-write your answer as a simplified or reduced fraction, if needed.I hope this helps!