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Q: Nick had 1 3.4 gallons of milk how many pints of milk does he have?
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If you have 1.75 gallons of milk how many pints do you have?

14 pints

How many pints are in 5 gallons of milk?

40 pints

How many gallons are in 240 .5 pints of milk?

240.5 pints = 30.0625 gallons Regardless of what may happen to be in those pints. Even if they're completely empty.

How many pints are there in the ½ gallon carton of milk?

there are 12 pints1 Gallon [US] = 8 Pints [US]1 Pint [US] = 0.125 Gallons [US]

If someone had 23 milkshake orders and 3 gallons of milk would they have enough milk for 1 pint in each shake?

One gallon is 8 pints. Three gallons would have 24 pints.

Can you measure milk with gallon foot quart liter meter?

You can measure milk using gallons, quarts and liters. Or pints

How many pints in 5 cups of milk?

2.5 pints

How many gallons of milk were taken on the titanic?

1500 gallons of fresh milk 600 gallons of condensed milk

How mamy gallons of milk is in 1 ton of milk?

if a pint is a pound the world around 2 pints to a quart 4 quarts to a gallon makes a gallon 8 pounds so 250 gallons in a ton of milk.

How many gallons of milk will equal a trillion gallons?

A trillion gallons of milk equals a trillion gallons.

Thomas has 5 quarts of milk. He uses 2 pints of milk to make corn chowder. How many pints are left?

5 pints

What does 10 pints equals to?

There are 2 cups in a pint. There are 2 pints in a quart. There are 4 pints in a half gallon, like if you bought a half a gallon if milk at a store. There are 8 pints in a gallon. 10 pints equals 20 cups. 10 pints equals 5 quarts 10 pints equals 2 and a half gallons. 10 pints equals 1 and a quarter gallons. Hope I helped!