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Nine less than twice a number equals the same number increased by four?

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Q: Nine less than twice a number equals the same number increased by four?
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One increased by two equals the quotient of nine and three?

One increased by two equals the quotient of nine and three.

Is the factor of the sum of digits equals 9 or a multiple of 9?

If the sum of the digits of a given number equals nine or a multiple of nine, nine is a factor of that number.

What number equals nine tenths?


How do you write nine increased by a number b?

9+b increased simply means addition.

What is ten increased by a number is equal to nine?

It is: 10+(-1) = 9

What is twice nine?

twice nine = eighteen

What is 10 plus 9-?

The number ten plus the number nine equals the number nineteen.

What number plus nine equals eighteen?

9+9=18. The number is 9.

What does nine divided by nine equal?

One. Because any number divided by itself equals one.

What number is twice as big as sixty-nine?

69 x 2 = 138

The sum of twice a number and three is greater than forty-nine?


What number equals nine squared?

To square a number means to multiply it by itself. Thus, 92 (read: nine squared, or nine to the second power) = 9 x 9=81

What number is called with 9 zero's?

Nine zeros equals zero. A one followed by nine zeros is a billion.

How do you write Nine more than twice a given number z?


What is the factor form and repeated multiplication for 9?

The factors of nine are one, three, and nine. A factor is a whole number that when multiplied by another number equals the number you are factoring. So, the repeated multiplication for nine is 3 times 3.

What is the answer to twelve plus a number x if x equals nine?


What is the difference between a square of a number and the square root of a number?

The square root of a number is the inverse of the square. For example, three squared equals nine, so the square root of nine is equal to three.

How do you write twice the difference of two and a number yields nine?

2*abs(2-n) = 9

What is the sum of two consecutive numbers equals nine in number form?

The numbers are 4 and 5.

Which number is larger 099999 or 1111111?

1111111 is a larger number than 0999999 because 0999999 actually only equals 999,999 while 1111111 equals 1,111,111. One million one hundred eleven thousand, one hundred eleven is larger than nine hundred ninety nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine. Hope that helps :)

How do you write The sum of twice a number and three is greater than forty-nine.?

Let the number be x and so: 2x+3 > 49

A certain number has three digits the sum equals thirty six times this number seven times the left digit plus nine equals five times the sum of the first and third number What is the third number?

The answer to this question is at my website aim feliciano980

Is the square root of 9 rational or irrational?

It is rational.The square root of 9 is 3 and it is a rational number

Brandy ate 9 corn chips for a snack .She ate twice as many raisins .She also drank a juice box.How many raisins did brandy eat?

she ate 18 raisins because that nine times two equals to ight and she said TWICE.

What equation equals forty nine and only uses the number five?