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Answer600 million as of 2001
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Q: Number of motor vehicles in the world?
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How many vehicles are there in the world being used?

There are about 600 Million Motor Vehicles in the world.

What is the number of motor vechiles in Iceland?

The total number of registered motor vehicles in Iceland in 2012 was 277680. The number of four wheeled motor vehicles for less than 9 persons was 210070.

What is the telephone number for the department of motor vehicles in Indianapolis Indiana?

The central office of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Indianapolis has a phone number of (888) 692-6841.

Exhaust from motor vehicles is the number one cause of what?


Total number of motor vehicles in India in 2008?

India had 89.6 million registered motor vehicles at the end of fiscal year 2005-06.

Nc dept motor vehicles tracing a tag number?


What is the number one cause of Exhaust from motor vehicles?

The engine is burning fuel.

Where do you apply for a replacement license?

Department of Motor Vehicles or registry of motor vehicles

What is the difference between horse drawn vehicles and motor vehicles?

Motor vehicles are powered by an engine or motor (gas, diesel, electric, etc.). Horse-drawn vehicles are powered by a horse.

The deteriorating air quality in developing countries can be linked to?

increased number of motor vehicles

How many registered cars in China?

According to the survey in 2013, the number of road motor vehicles in china per 1000 inhabitants is 184. This is an estimate of motor vehicles only excluding two wheeled vehicles e.g motorcycles.

Where is it possible to purchase private number plates for a vehicle?

Private number plates for a vehicle can be purchased from your local government motor vehicle institution; if you live in the United States of America your local institution is called the RMV or DMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles, Department of Motor Vehicles).

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