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Q: Number of times a valve opens during 720 degrees of crankshaft rotation?
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What is cam duration?

The cam duration is the degrees of crankshaft rotation that the valve is lifted of it's seat. Most accurate way to compare cams is with duration at .050 inch lift. How many degrees from when the valve is .050 off opening to when the valve is off the seat .050 during closing.

What does DWELL mean when talking about cams?

Well the dwell angle is the number of degrees of rotation from the cam (during which the points are closed) During each rotation of the cam, the points must open and close once for each cylinder. Hope this helps x

What is Before top dead center?

Before Top Dead Center (BTDC) is a term used to describe the position of a piston inside an internal combustion engine during its upward stroke. It is a value, measured in degrees, that represents the amount of crankshaft rotation prior to the apex of this stroke.

What on a 94 jeep does the crank shaft sensor do?

It measures the position of the crankshaft during it rotation and the engine computer uses that for ignition and fuel timing.

What is a 1080 on a bmx bike?

1080 is a trick where you and the bike rotate(like a pirouette) during a jump. one full turn is 360 (degrees of rotation), two full turns are 720 (degrees of rotation) and 1080 is 3 full turns of rotation.

What is a dwell angle on a spark plug?

Dwell Angle: indicaindicating the degrees of rotation of the distributor cam during which the ignition contact breaker points in the distributor are closed. ting the degrees of rotation of the distributor cam during which the ignition contact breaker points in the distributor are closed.

How many revolutions the crankshaft makes in a four stroke engine to complete one thermodynamic cycle?

The crankshaft makes two complete revolutions to complete one thermodynamic cycle. The crankshaft rotates 180 degrees during each stroke of the engine. Hence a total of two revolutions occur after completion of the four strokes. Chechout " " to see how crankshaft works.

How many degrees is mercury?

About 800F maximum during the day and a minimum of about -300F at night due to the slow rotation of the planet and its lack of atmosphere.

What happens during the rotation of the earth?

what happens during rotation of the earth

What is the total number of degrees that the earth rotates in its axis during a 12-hour period?

360 degrees

What is the total number of degrees that the earth rotates in its axis during a 12 hour period?

180 degrees.

How many degrees does earth rotate per day?

You are a clever questioner, indeed. You have asked a subtle and interesting question. You probably know that there are at least two distinct answers to the question, because there are two different kinds of day. The sidereal day is the period during which earth rotates 360 degrees relative to the distant stars (not the sun). If you were far above the solar system looking down on earth from the north, you would see that earth rotates a full 360 degrees relative to the stars, but still has to rotate a little more to reach the starting point relative to the sun, because we orbit the sun, this complicates things a little bit. So in a sidereal day, the earth rotates exactly 360 degrees, but this day lasts only 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds, roughly. The synodic day is the period during which earth rotates one time relative to the sun. This rotation will be slightly more than 360 degrees, because as explained above the earth has to rotate a little extra (beyond a full 360 degrees) in order to reach the starting point relative to the sun. This is the day as we typically experience it. So if you are asking about the earth's rotation during a synodic day, the rotation is closer to an average of 360.9856 degrees per day. Another way to look at this is to consider the earth's coordinate system. There are 360 degrees of longitude. It is possible to consider the earth's degrees of longitude as the basis of your measurement, so that you can say the earth rotates 360 degrees of longitude relative to the sun on average each day, even though the absolute rotation of the earth is closer to 360.9856 degrees on average.

Why do astronomers believe Venus has retrograde rotation?

It is thought that a dramatic event during this planet's formation knocked its rotation off.

How can you used the word rotation in a sentence?

Just thinking about the speed of the Earth's rotation makes me dizzy. I can play baseball during the next rotation of players.

What temperature is it in Antarctica in February?

Given that Antarctica is about as large as USA and Mexico combined, you could pick a number between about zero degrees F. and minus 100 degrees F. and that number would be the temperature somewhere on the continent during February.

Is the speed of earth's rotation slowing?

Yes. The energy from the tides ultimately comes from Earth's rotation; due to friction during the tides, Earth's rotation will logically get slower and slower.

Is an 1883 British Shilling with reverse inverted rare?

No, they are not rare. British coins were minted that way for hundreds of years. The process is called "Coin Rotation" or "Die Axis". British coins were minted with a 180 degree rotation, so that reverse is 180 degrees out of alignment with the obverse. The practice was gradually discontinued during the course of the 19th century. By 1887, all coins were minted without "coin rotation". Many other countries used "coin rotation" on their coins and not always at 180 degees.

Who started crop rotation during the 1730s?


Can a mechanic break the crankshaft while changing a timing belt on a 95 Ford Contour?

Yes, there's a special tool that is inserted into the crankshaft during this procedure. See If he forgot to remove the tool before he started the engine, it will do damage to the crankshaft.

How do scientists think Uranus is tilted?

They think Uranos is tilted by 98 degrees, meaning its axis is almost horizontal, compared to its plane of rotation. During part of its orbit around the Sun, the north pole (or the south pole, during another part of its orbit) points almost directly to the Sun.

Can a dc motor generates ac current?

if you have something that rotates 360 degrees, it ends up back where it started. the geometry produces a sine wave. DC generators have a design that switches during rotation, or otherwise they generate AC then convert it.

English scientific farmer who devised the practice of crop rotation during the 1730s?

Charles Townshed introduced the Norfolk crop rotation.

English farmer who devised the practice of crop rotation during the 1730's?

Charles Townshend invented the practice of crop rotation

What happens during earth rotation?

Earth's rotation allows there to be seasons.When it travels around the sun it rotates and it causes day and night.

What is the location of the crank sensor on a 1993 jaguar xj6 4.0 liter?

The sensor is mounted to the timing cover on the front of the engine. The crankshaft sensor provides both engine speed and crankshaft position signals to the ECM. The sensor is a variable reluctance device, consisting of a bobbin coil with a magnetic core. The resistance of the coil is approximately 1.35 kilo ohms . The steel teeth on the crankshaft timing ring are used as a rotor. As the rotor teeth pass by the crankshaft sensor, pulses are generated.The rotor has 60 tooth positions set at 6°intervals with three teeth missing. The gaps identify the TDC position of the 6 cylinders during one complete engine cycle (two crankshaft revolutions). The rotor thus provides both engine speed and crankshaft position information to the ECM. The missing pulses identify crankshaft position. Each tooth pulse after the missing pulse represents 6° of crankshaft rotation. Thus the frequency of the toothed pulses are a measure of engine speed.