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you should eat a tiny amount from there. haven't you seen the food pyramid? that is where fats and oils are.

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Q: Nutritionists place certain foods at the top of the Food Guide Pyramid to indicate that?
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What was developed by nutritionists to classify foods into major groups and tell many serving from each group to eat?

Food Guide Pyramid

What was developed by nutritionists to classify food into six major groups and tell how many servings from each group to eat?

Food Guide Pyramid

Why do you think nutritionists chose a pyramid shaps for their food guide?

To add exercise for one reason. Also, picture yourself running up the pyramid. This is probably not the whole reason, but if you do not exercise, the food you eat will most likely turn into "FAT!"

What is the food guide pyramid used for?

The food guide pyramid is used in health education as a guideline for good nutrition. It is also used for to indicate how many servings of each nutrient you need to maintain a balanced diet.

When was Food guide pyramid created?

Food guide pyramid was created in 1974.

Where can I see a food guide pyramid?

The Food Guide Pyramid has been replaced with a Food plate, however, the original food pyramid can be seen here

Who can use a food GUIDE pyramid?


Is there four tiers in the food guide pyramid?


What is the definition of healthy diet pyramid?

The healthy diet pyramid, also called the healthy eating pyramid is a nutrition guide developed by the Harvard School of Public Health, suggesting quantities of each food category that a human should eat each day. The healthy eating pyramid is intended to provide a superior eating guide than the widespread food guide pyramid created by the USDA.

What is the purpose of the food guide pyramid and how might the child care center use the pyramid?

The Food Guide Pyramid helps by providing practical food guidelines to people so that they will apply the nutrient standards to plan a healthy balanced diet.

Who made the food guide pryimide?

The first food guide pyramid was made by Anna-Britt Agnsäter for Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare in 1972. The USDA pyramid was based off of the original pyramid and was introduced in 1992.

What food group is garlic in in the food guide pyramid?