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mine is a 93 impreza, it is underneath the passenger's footwell under the carpet. Think I heard for newer models it is in the dash area on the driver's side.

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โˆ™ 2008-05-16 07:51:53
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Q: On a 1993 subaru impreza ecu board where is the eprom located and what does it look like?
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What is the benefit of eeprom?

The advantages were "accumulative", so a history of the development of ROM is best to explain them: First came ROM - Read-Only Memory. Unlike RAM, ROM could not be written to but had the advantage that it was non-volatile which means its contents are permanently there, they do not disappear when power is removed. But the contents were put there in the factory, you could not "program" the contents yourself. Then came PROM - Programmable ROM. With PROM you could, if you owned a programming machine or "programmer", set the contents of the PROM yourself, one time, before your put it in the electronic circuit board. Next came EPROM - Eraseable PROM - with EPROM if you needed too you could take the EPROM out of the circuit board, put it in an EPROM eraser to reset the contents, and then program it again in the programmer. The EPROM eraser was a small box that the EPROM was placed inside. When the box was turned on ultra-violet light shined into the EPROM thorough a small "window" on the top of each EPROM, erasing the contents. Finally came EEPROM or E2PROM - Electronically Erasable PROM. With EEPROM you didn't need the eraser or the programmer! The EEPROM can be programmed, again and again while it is on the circuit board, by sending a sequence of signals to certain pins on the device.

What EPROM stands for?

it stands for Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory.

What is the full meaning of EPROM in computer?

EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.

What is the difference between a PROM and an EPROM?

PROM can't be rewritable and EPROM is erasable or reprogram able. The PROM has a fuse to protect loaded data where as there is no fuse in EPROM. The PROM is use in military purpose where as EPROM is used in programmable gadgets like toys and mobiles

What is EPROM?

Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM) is a chip found in almost every microprocessor.

Which type of data is present in EPROM?

Cannot be universally answered, it depends on the current EPROM. It might be empty as well.

Is eprom permanent memory?


What is the difference between a ROM and an EPROM?

ROM stands for read only memory EPROM stands for erasable programmable read - only memory DIFFERENCE Difference between these two lies in the possibility of modification of their contents. ROM once created by manufacturer can not be modified in any way whereas EPROM chips are custom made to accommodate individual user needs they can be erased and rewritten again. PROCESS OF REPROGRAMMING EPROM CHIPS Reprogramming of EPROM chips is carried out by a special device which uses ultraviolet light to erase data however EPROM can not be modified in part it's entire content gets destroyed when exposed to ultraviolet light. Additionally In order to reprogram EPROM chip it has to be taken out of the machine and put it back when changes have been made. Improvement over EPROM is EEPROM ( electrically erasable programmable read only memory) Regards, Prime

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Alu mother board eprom drive hard disc ram rom sata pata video card audio card graphics card

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PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory)

What type of memory that can be reprogrammed?


Where are post instructions stored?

Power On Self Test instructions are part of the BIOS that is stored in EPROM. Some of the parameters used by the EPROM are stored in the BIOS CMOS chip.

A ROM chip that can be programmed over and over using ultraviolet is known as what?

EPROM or Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory was invented by Engr. Dov Frohman. It is a ROM-type chip that can hold data from 10-20 years. It is different from PROM because it can be programmed more than once. An EPROM programming is erased only through exposure to ultra violet light. The EPROM is configured or reconfigured using an EPROM programmer.

What are the similarities between ROM and EPROM?

go fack ursleves

What are the kind of ROM?

ROM can be broadly of three types, namely PROM (programmable read only memory), EPROM (erasable PROM), and EEPROM (electrically EPROM). Many versions of EEPROMs are available.

Which stores sell the Eprom Programmer device?

The best store to buy the Eprom Programmer from is any store that specializes in computers and their software, these include local computer shops like PC World. are you looking to buy a chinese universal EPROM Programmer any recommendations? shows many china brand universal programmers

What is the full form of EPROM?

Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

What is EPROM in computer terms?

Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

How is eprom erased?

EPROM is basicaaly of two types- EEPROM and UVEPROM. EEprom can be ereased by uising electrical pulses, whereas UVEPROM can be ereased by placing the IC in ultravoilet light for atleast 20 minutes.

What is the acronyms for EPROM in computer system?

erasable programmable read only memory

What does eprom stand for in computer science?

Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

Give a example of temporary memory in computers?

RAM is temporary memory.

How do you do mileage correction on a 2000 Honda Accord?

very easy, there is an eprom you have to desoder in the rear of the speedometer. take that out and plug it into the an eprom reader and change it Or if you're not competent at eeprom removal and editing try a company such as:

How does data get on the microchip after manufacturing?

In the case of an EPROM chip - The chip is plugged into an EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) machine. Each microchip has a small amount of memory, and the EPROM machine effectively writes instructions to the chip's memory. These machines usually program large batches of chips at the same time. This set of instructions is permanent unless the chip is re-programmed.