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73.684% correct.

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Q: On a 38 question test and 28 were correct what is the percent you got incorrect?
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A student answered3questions out of40 equals what percent test incorrectly.what percent was correct?

92.5% incorrect answers (test score = 7.5%)

If i took a 80 question test and got 64 correct what is the percent that i got correct?


On a test a student got 15 problems correct out of a total of 20 problems. What percent did the student get incorrect?


On a 38 question test and 28 were correct what is the percent you got correct?

28/38 * 100% = 73.68% You got about 74% on the test.

If i was done a test my score is 4 incorrect and what's percent of it?

you can't answer the question if you don't know how many total questions there are

How many question can you miss to get a 80 percent on a 64 question test?

The answer will depend on how many of the ones you do manage to answer are correct!

Why do you test a hypothesis?

to see if your hypothesis was correct or incorrect.

How many question can you miss to score 80 percent on a 25 question test?

5, but only if you get all the rest correct. Can you guarantee that?

How many question can you miss to get 85 percent on 60 question test?

Providing that all the other questions are correct then it is 9 questions

How many answers do you have to have correct to get an 80 percent on a 50 question test?

80% = 0.80.8 x 50 = 40

Is 'A' the correct answer?

On a multiple choice test with answers of A, B, C, and D, the answer of 'A' would only be the correct answer if all other choices are incorrect.

How many questions can you miss on a 42 question test to get 70 percent?

Assuming that you get all your answers correct (can you rely on that?), you can miss 12.