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61 degrees (180 degrees in a triangle)

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Q: On a triangle if A equals 72 degrees and b equals 47 degrees what c equals?
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72 f equals how many degrees Celsius?

72 degrees Fahrenheit = 22.1 degrees Celsius.

What triangle has angles of 72 62 46 degrees?

It is an acute scalene triangle

In the right triangle the ratio of the measures of the two acute angles is 4 to 1 what is the measure in degrees of the larger acute angle?

It is: 72 degrees

What is the measurement of the 3rd angle for a triangle given both angle measurement 54 degrees?

It is an isosceles triangle and the 3rd angle is 72 degrees.

What kind of triangle is a triangle with the angles 18 90 and 72 degrees?

The triangle contains a 90 degree angle, making it a right-angled triangle.

How many degrees are there in one fifth of a circle?

360 divided by 5 equals 72

If two angles of a triangle each measure 54 degrees what is the measure of the third angle?

The 3rd angle must be 72 degrees because the 3 angles in any triangle add up to 180 degrees and so 54+54+72 = 180 degrees

What is the period of y equals 4sin5x?

360/5 = 72 degrees

What is the length of side c if side b equals 20 Angle A equals 43 degrees and angle C equals 72 degrees?

In a triangle a/SinA = b/SinB = c/SinC Since angle A = 43 and angle C is 72, angle B = (180) - (72 + 43) = 65 Hence 20/Sin65 = c/Sin72 20/0.9063 = c/0.9510 c = (20 x 0.9510)/0.9063 = 20.9864

Which is the grater number 47 or 72?

72 is greater than 47. 72 is 25 more than 47.

What is 47 over 72 simplified?

47/72 is already simplified

If the measures of two angles of a triangle are 98 degrees and 10 degrees what is the measure of the third angle?

The 3rd angle is: 180 -98 -10 = 72 degrees

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