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1:5 x = 10 x= 50

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Q: One-fifth of a number is 10 what is the number?
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What is onefifth of 120?


How do you find onefifth of a number?

divide the number by the denominator of the fraction 100 / 5 = 20 1/5 of 100 = 20 20 * 5 = 100

What is percent is equal to onefifth?

1/5 = 20%

What is the answer to in a decimal onefifth?

1/5 = 0.20 in decimal

What is the number that is 5 more than the number which is one fifth of onefifth of one half of 1050?


How do you change 10 to a rational number?

Classify this number -10

How do you convert 10 minutes into a number?

It already is a number, 10

What is the 10 percent of 45?

If you divide a number by 10 you have 10% of that number. 10% of 45 = 4.5

What is Wayne Rooney number?

10 number 10

What number is both a factor 10 and multiple 10?

The only number is 10 itself.

Is 10 a rational number?

Ten is a rational number.

Is -10 arational number?

Yes -10 is a rational number

Is 10 a coposite number?

Yes, 10 is a composite number

Is 10 a prime number?

No, 10 is not a prime number. It is a composite number. 10 can be divided by 2 and 5. A prime number can only be divided by 1 and itself.

Can a number have the LCM and the gcf the same number?

Only if you're comparing the number to itself. The LCM and GCF of 10 and 10 is 10.

The number 10 is a factor of any number that ends with?

the number 10 is a factor of any number that ends with zero

What number is 10 more than the number that is 10 times smaller than 10?


Is 10 an odd or even number?

10 is an even number.

How do you decrease a number by 10?


Is the number ten a prime number?

The number 10 is not prime. A prime number is divisble by itself and one, only. 10 is divisible by 1, by 2, and by 5. Thus, 10 is not a prime number.

What number is Messi?

messi is number 10 for Barcelona and 10 for Argentina

Suppose a number is divisible by 10 is 10 a factor of the number?


What does the number 10 mean to God?

The number 10 signify completeness

7 more than a number is -3what is the number?


can a multiple of 10 be an odd number?

of course... there is sometimes a odd number of 10's