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An angle of 163 degrees is an obtuse angle because it is greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees.

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Q: One angle is 163 degree. what type of angle is this?
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How many minutes are in a degree?

There are 60 minutes of angle in one degree of angle.

What type of triangle has 2 congruent sides and one 140 degree angle?

Obtuse Triangle

A triangle that has one 83 degree angle one 63 degree angle and one 34 dgree angle?

It's an acute angled triangle...

How many seconds longitude are in one degree?

One degree of angle is equal to 3,600 seconds of angle.

How many degrees does a right angle contain?

A right ange is a 90 degree angle. Within a 90 degree angle, there is only one 90 degree angle, and therefore only one right angle.

What is a blunt and sharp angle?

A sharp angle is a one to eighty nine degree angle . A blunt angle is a ninety one degrees to three hundred and sixty degree angle.

Is a zero degree angle the same as an one hundred eighty degree angle?

yes it is.

Does a right angle have a 90 angle?

A right-angle is a 90 degree angleA right triangle has one, and a 90-degree angle isone.

Is there a quadrilateral that have two 90 degree angle and one 65 degree angle?

Yes. The fourth angle is 115 degrees.

Why is a zero degree angle the same as an one hundred eighty degree angle?

Its not its the same as 360

Why is a zero degree angle same as a180 degree angle?

A zero degree angle is not the same as a 180 degree angle -- no more than a90 degree angle is the same as a 270 degree angle.It's not. An angle of zero is the same as an angle of 360 degrees. In fact, if you startwith any angle, and add or subtract 360 degrees from it, you wind up with the sameangle as the original one.

How do you break down a one degree angle in trigonometry?

Into minutes, then seconds. A 1 degree angle is 60", 0' or, a 1 degree angle can be expressed as 0", 3600' a .5 degree angle can be expressed as 30", and so on.