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One billion equals how many million?

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1 billion equals 1,000 million

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Q: One billion equals how many million?
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A thousand million equals what?

One thousand million equals one billion.

What times one thousand equals one billion?

One million times one thousand equals one billion.

What is one billion divided by 320 million?

One billion divided by 320 million equals 3.125

How many million dollars is equal to 1 billion dollars?

One thousand millions equals one billion.

What equals a million tons?

One million tons equals two billion pounds.

Is a billion a million million?

It depends wether the language you are speaking is English or spanish. In English, one thousand million is a Billion (The kind Bill Gates has in money) In Spanish, one Billion equals One million of millions. In English, one million of millions equals one Trillion

One million equals how many billion?

1000000 = one million 1000000000 = one US billion 1000000000000 = one UK billion So one million is 1000 US billion, and 1000000 UK billion, although common practice in the UK nowadays is to use the US definition.

What is one billion divided by 350 million?

One billion divided by 350 million equals 2.86 (rounded).

One billion means how many million?

A billion is one thousand million in the United States. In the UK, a billion is one million million.

How much is a billion dollars?

A Billion dollars is a lot of money. It equals a 1000 million where each million equals a 1000 thousand dollars. 1,000,000,000 - This is one Billion

How many million in a billion euro?

One billion is one thousand million.

1000 times what will equal one billion?

1000 times 1 million equals one billion.

How do you write one billion one million one thousand one?

In digits: 1,001,001,001 (Using the accepted "short scale" billion, which equals one thousand million.)

How many billion is a million?

1/1000one million is one 1000th of a billion

350000 kb equals how many MB?

350000 kb equals 350 Mb (just divide by one thousand!) k = kilo = thousand M = Mega = million G = Giga = billion (thousand million) T = Tera = million billion

How many is a trillion?

1,000,000,000,000 or One thousand billion One million million One billion thousand

Does 500 million equal one-half billion?

Yes, 500,000,000 is one half or 1,000,000,000 or five hundred million equals one half billion.

How many million in one bilion?

there are one thousand millions in one billion. Million: 1,000,000 Billion: 1,000,000,000

How many times will 15000 million go into one billion?

one thousand million=15 billion 1 billion/ 15 billion = 1/15= 0.0666

How many ten millions make one billion?

billion is million million so ten million is ten million million

How many million pounds in one billion?

one thousand million

What is the difference between a billion and a milliard?

In Europe billion comes after milliard, while in America 'milliard' does not exist. So while in America one billion equals one hundred million, it is one thousand million in Europe.

What is twenty four percent of three hundred and one billion?

Assuming one billion equals one thousand million, 24% of 301 billion = 0.24 x 301,000,000,000 = 72,240,000,000 or seventy-two billion two hundred and forty million.

How many thousands are there in billion?

1,000,000 (one million) thousands in one billion.

How many 0 in 2.8 billion?

In Britain, a billion was once one million times one million, so 2.8 billion would be = 2,800,000,000,000 therefore, 11 zeroes. In American it was one thousand times one million, so 2.8 billion would be = 2,800,000,000 therefore, 8 zeroes. For sometime now, the UK has adopted the American standard that one billion is 1,000 x 1,000,000 which equals 1,000,000,000