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A billion is one thousand million in the United States.

In the UK, a billion is one million million.

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Q: One billion means how many million?
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One million means how many billion?

If your asking what is a million stated in a billion it would be .01 billion. But if your asking something else contact me.

How many milliliters are in a megalitre?

M represents mega- and means 'one million'. m represents milli- and means 'one thousandth'. There are one billion thousandths in a million, so there are one billion mL in one ML.

How many million in a billion euro?

One billion is one thousand million.

One billion equals how many million?

1 billion equals 1,000 million

How many ten millions make one billion?

billion is million million so ten million is ten million million

How many million pounds in one billion?

one thousand million

How many thousands are there in billion?

1,000,000 (one million) thousands in one billion.

How many million is a billion?

Once you have 10 one hundred million's you will have reached 1 billion.

If mega means one million which prefix means a billion?

Giga (as in, a gigabyte).

How many times larger is a billion than a million?

One billion is one thousand times larger than one million.

How many times bigger is one billion than one million?

One billion is one thousand times more than one million.

One billion means how many crore?

One billion means 100 Crore.

One billion how many million in uae diraham?

1000000 billion

How many times will 15000 million go into one billion?

one thousand million=15 billion 1 billion/ 15 billion = 1/15= 0.0666

One billion means how many laks?

10000000 * * * * * Only if a billion is defined as a million million which, in most of the English speaking world, it is not. In the short scale a billion is defined as a thousand million and that makes it 10,000 lakhs.

How many billions are 100 millions?

In the U. S., "billion" means a thousand millions, so the answer is one-tenth. In Britian, "billion" means a million millions, so the answer is one-ten-thousandth.

How many thousands are there in a billion?

One million

How many million are one billion?


One billion how many thousands?

a million.

Why is a billion called a billion?

The prefix bi- means 2. Similarly, the prefix tri- means 3. Originally, the billion was defined as a one followed by 12 zeros - twice as many as the million; while the trillion had three times as many zeros than the million. Somehow, the meaning changed over time, especially in English-speaking countries (to a one with 9 zeros for a billion, and a one with 12 zeros for a trillion).

How many million make a billion?

One thousand million. 1,000,000,000

How much is a billion? or one thousand million. This is the American billion. The British billion is one million million or

How much million is equal to 1 billion?

a million million= one billion 1000,0002=one billion

How many million in a billion and how many billion in a trillion?

1,000 millions in one billion. 1,000 billions in one trillion.

Is a tenth of a billion a million?

No. A tenth of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) is 100,000,000 (one hundred million). A million (1,000,000) is one thousandth of a billion.

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