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The dime, or ten-cent piece, represents one-tenth of one dollar.

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Q: One dollar represents one whole which coin represent one tenth?
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What is a fraction what does it represent?

A simple fraction represents a part of the whole.

What does a fraction represent?

A fraction represents a portion of a whole item.

Do senators represent part or whole state?

A senator represents a whole state. States have two senators, but they do not divide up the state between them, they each represent the whole state.

What does a fraction represent in the real world?

It usually represents a part of a whole.

What does a member of the senate represent?

represents the whole/entire state

What does the Newfoundland flag represente?

Type your answer here... it represents nature, the lion represent the wild and the whole flag represents a warm welcoming

What is the value of 8 in 25.8?

8 tenths of a whole. In other words, if it was 25.8 dollars, the 8 would represent 8 tenths of a dollar or 80 cents.

Fractions that represent the same portion of a whole is called?

Equivalent fractions represents the same portion of a whole and are the same fraction.

Which whole number does 2.7 times 10 to the 6th power represent?

It represents 2,700,000

Which graph or chart represents data as part of a whole?

A pie graph represent data as a part of a whole, showing the separate portions of the data in accordance to the whole.

What area of the state does the senator represent?

Each U. S. Senator represents his/her whole state.

What does whole circle represent in the circle graph?

It represents every thing that is being graphed, but mostly percentage.

Which member of a congress represent a whole state?

The Senator represents the entire state the Representative is elected in the district they live in.

What percentage does the whole circle in a circle graph represent?

100% of 360 degrees

To represent 3 over 4 how many parts do you divide into one whole?

You have 4 parts and 3 of them taken from that 4 represents 3/4 or 75% of the whole.

How the mode that represent one whole one tenth and one hundredth are related?

they all have a zero in the decimal

What is one tenth of a whole?

one tenth

What part of a circle does the arrow represent when it is in the middle?

it represents the radius because radius is half the diameter and diameter is across the whole circle

What does the United Nations flag represent?

The branches represent peace. The world represents the people of the world. The branches surround the world map to show that the whole world should be in peace with each other.

IS one and one tenth greater than nine tenth?

Yes. One whole and a tenth is more than 9 tenths, which is not even a whole

What does a decimal represent?

A decimal represents a part of a whole number. It can also represent a speed in a ball in sports also:the computer batting,base percentage,slugging percentage and fielding percetage.

What does the color white represent on the American flag?

The colors of the American flag were taken from the flag of the United Kingdom, and represent noting in themselves. The flag as a whole represents the United States of America, the stars represent the states in the union and the stripes represent the original 13 colonies turned states.

what is 26.19 rounded to the nearest whole number or nearest tenth?

26 to nearest whole number or 30 to nearest tenth

If you round 30.089 to the nearest tenth whole number hundredth what do you get?

tenth: 30.1 whole number:30 hundredth:30.09

What is 2.7 rounded to the nearest tenth?

nearest tenth is 2.7 nearest whole number is 3