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Let the unknown number be x:

x/4-10 = 2x/3

Multiply all terms by 4 to eradicate the 4 denominator:

x-40 = 8x/3

Multiply all terms by 3 to eradicate the 3 denominator:

3x-120 = 8x

Collect like terms noticing the changes with the - and + signs:

3x-8x = 120

-5x = 120

Divide both sides of the equation by -5 to find the value of x:

x = -24

Substituting the value of x into the original equation gives you: -16 = -16

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Q: One fourth of a number is 10 less than two third of the number find the number?
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The second number is 1 less than the first, the third number is 2 less than the second, the fourth number is 3 less than the third, and so on. The nth term in the sequence is given by tn = -0.5*x2 + 0.5*x + 4

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Yes, 1/4th is less then 1/3rd.

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negative fourth fifths is less than negative one-third

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Two third is less than three fourth.

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One-third of ANY number is less than half of that number - no matter what number you pick.

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Yes. 2/3 is 11.1% less than 3/4.

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x - 1/4

Find a number such that 10 less than two-thirds the number is one-fourth the number?

2x/3 - 10 = x/4 8x -120 = 3x 5x = 120 x = 24

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Find a fourth that is just less than (or equal to) the number and the next fourth.Calculate the difference between the number and the two fourths and select the one that gives the smaller difference.Alternatively,Multiply the given number by 4.Round it to the nearest whole number.Divide this nearest whole number by 4.