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One half of the proof is the percentage. 100 proof alcohol is 50% or half alcohol.

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Q: One half of the proof
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One half of the proof of alcohol?

100% pure alcohol is 200 proof. So 100 proof is 50% alcohol.

What is 80 proof liquor?

Alcohol content in beverages is measured in proof. One proof is half a percent of alcohol. So 80 proof liquor is 40% alcohol.

How much is a 1969s proof half dollar worth?

A 1969-S proof half dollar - aka - Kennedy Half Dollar is worth: $7.00.

Why do you never see any 1973 British copper coins?

Look harder. In 1973, Britain minted - * Two New Penny (Proof FDC) * One New Penny (Proof FDC) * One New Penny for general circulation * Half New Penny (Proof FDC) * Half New Penny for general circulation

Were any Kennedy half dollars made as proof?

Yes, proof versions of the Kennedy half dollar were made. These will have the S mintmark.

What is the value of a 1957 US proof half dollar?

You have a Franklin half dollar - a 1957 proof coin is worth around $25.00.

How much is a 1989 Kennedy proof half dollar worth?

It has a value from $5 in the lowest proof grade [Proof 60] to $375 in the highest proof grade [Proof 70]

What percentage of alcohol is 60 proof vodka?

30%. The percentage of alcohol is half of what the proof is.

A margarita containing three ounces of 80-proof tequila and one-and-a-half ounce of 40-proof triple see should be counted as approximately how many drinks?


What is the proof of the area of a circle?

purple and a half

How do you tell if a Kennedy half dollar is a proof?

With the exception of 1964, all Proof Kennedy half dollars will have a "S" mintmark. They also have a mirror like finish on them.

What is the value of 1962 half dollar silver proof?

Value for a proof 1962 is $10.00-$12.00

What is the value of a proof bicentennial half dollar?

A proof version? Maybe 1-2 dollars.

What are the actual linklength measurements for half inch Proof Coil vs half inch BB size anchor chain?

Meant to say "half inch Proof Coil vs half inch size BBB" anchor chain.

Is any Kennedy half dollar after 1971 valuable no proof no silver set?

No, the only Kennedy Half dollars after 1971 that are worth more than 50 cents are those found in proof or silver proof sets.

What is the value of a 2001 giant half pound presidential election silver proof?

what is the value of a 2001 giant half pound presidential election silver proof 1173

What if you Judgment proof they go into your bank account?

if i am judgement proof do i half to pay the ir lawyer fees

Is an indirect proof?

The first half of your sentence is missing.

How much is Kennedy 1964 half dollar in proof worth?

1964 proof Kennedy half dollars are not hard to find. Average retail value is $10.25 for most examples.

How much is a kennendy 1997 S silver Proof half dollar worth?

The silver proof 1997-S Kennedy half dollar has an current average value of $15.50.

What percentage of alcohol is 60-proof vodka?

To find the percentage of alcohol, you cut the proof in half. So 60-proof vodka would be 30% alcohol.

What is the value of a proof 1970 kenndy half dollar?

Current retail value is $6.33 a Cameo proof is $7.48

What are the value of the 1986 Ellis Island one dollar and one-half dollar silver coins?

The proof and uncirculated set are the same retail price of about $20.00

Where can a half dollar coin minted in 2011 be purchased?

At a coin shop or online. In 2011 the mint did not release any half dollars for circulation so it would be unlikely that you'd find one in change, but 2011 half dollars were included in 2011 uncirculated, proof and silver proof sets and it was possible in 2011 to buy rolls of uncirculated 2011 half dollars from the US Mint's website. 2011 half dollars have modest value and an uncirculated one shouldn't cost you more than $1 or so and one that's circulated is just worth 50 cents.

Value of eisenhower bicentennial half dollar?

There is no such coin. Half dollars have JFK's image and dollars had Ike's picture. Either one is only worth face value unless it's uncirculated or proof.