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1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 (the common denominator is 16, convert the fractions)

8/16 + 4/16 + 2/16 + 1/16 = 15/16

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Q: One half plus one fourth plus one eight plus one sixthteen equals?
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What is Eight and one half divided by one fourth equals?


What is Eight and one half divided by two and one fourth equals?


One fourth plus one fourth equals?

A half/one half.

How much is half of one fourth?

Half of one-fourth is one eight

What is the sum of one fourth plus one half plus one eighth?

Two over eight plus four over eight plus one over eight equals seven over eight

What is negative one half to the fourth power?

Negative one half to the fourth power equals 0.0625

How does one half squared equal one fourth?

One half squared equals one fourth because when you multiply one half by one half you get one fourth. This is the equivalent of saying that half of one half is one fourth.

What fractional part is one half of one fourth?

one eighth cause if you multiply the denomiators 4X2 equals eight.

Adding one half to one fourth equals?


What is one fourth plus eight and a half?


What is one-half plus one-fourth equals?


One half of one fourth equals what fraction?

one eighth

Does one fourth and one fourth teaspoon equal one eighth teaspoon?

no one fourth AND one fourth teaspoon equals 1/2 teaspoon one half of one fourth equals 1/8 teaspoon

What is eight and one fourth minus 5 and one half?


Half pound of hamburger weigh in ounces?

Half a pound equals eight ounces.

How many eight dotted notes equals one half dotted note?

One half note equals four eighth notes.

What is one-half of one-third of one-fourth of 690?

this is a simple answer. you first do the problem one half of one third, which equals 0.166666667, then you do one fourth of one third, which equals 0.0833333333, then you do one fourth of 690, which equals 172.5 which would be your final answer. You need to take the problem step by step and solve it with a calculate or division to make it easier.

What is two fourth of eight?

Come on, half of eight. Jesus Christ people can't do math these days.

How many cups of butter equals half a stick?

Half a stick of butter is equal to one-fourth cup of butter.

How many dotted half note equals a quarter notes?

one and one fourth

One fourth fluid oz equals how many tablespoons?

One fourth fluid oz equates to one half US tablespoon.

How many sticks of butter is equal to one fourth of a cup?

One half stick of butter equals one quarter (fourth) of a cup.

What is one eight plus one half multiplied by one fourth?


What is ten and one half subtract eight three fourth?

One and three quarters

What does one half plus one sixth plus three fourth equals?

17/12 Is the answer.