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0.1 centigrams

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Q: One milligram is how many centigrams?
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How many cg in a 2 mg?

2 milligrams = .2 centigrams there are 10 centigrams in a milligram

How many centigrams are in 1 mg?

0.1cg per milligram.

How many milligram in a centigram?

There are .1 centigrams in a milligram (There are ten milligrams in a centigram)

What is 54 centigrams in milligram?


How many cg in a mg?

There are 10 milligrams in one Centigram. So there is 0.1 Centigrams in one Milligram.

How many centigrams in milligrams?

A milligram is 1/10 of a centigram. Why is this under heart rate?

How many milligram equal 7 centigram?

7cg equals 70mg (@10mg per centigram).*Centigrams x 10 = mg*Milligrams/10 = cg

How many milligrams are in one milligram?

There is one milligram in one milligram.

How many centigrams make up an ounce?

One ounce is 2,835 centigrams.

How many centigrams are in a milligram?

less than 1, answer= 0.1, there are 10 milligrams in 1 centigram

How many grams are there in 475 centigrams?

There are 100 centigrams in one gram. Therefore, 475 centigrams is equal to 475/100 = 4.75 grams.

How many grams are in 12 centigrams?

There are 100 centigrams in one gram. Therefore, 12 centigrams is equal to 12/100 = 0.12 grams.