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1000000 = one million

1000000000 = one US billion

1000000000000 = one UK billion

So one million is 1000 US billion, and 1000000 UK billion, although common practice in the UK nowadays is to use the US definition.

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1 billion equals 1,000 million

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Q: One million equals how many billion?
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A thousand million equals what?

One thousand million equals one billion.

What times one thousand equals one billion?

One million times one thousand equals one billion.

What is one billion divided by 320 million?

One billion divided by 320 million equals 3.125

What is one billion divided by 350 million?

One billion divided by 350 million equals 2.86 (rounded).

How much is a billion rand?

A Billion dollars is a lot of money. It equals a 1000 million where each million equals a 1000 thousand dollars. 1,000,000,000 - This is one Billion

1000 times what will equal one billion?

1000 times 1 million equals one billion.

350000 kb equals how many MB?

350000 kb equals 350 Mb (just divide by one thousand!) k = kilo = thousand M = Mega = million G = Giga = billion (thousand million) T = Tera = million billion

Is there one billion dimes in a million dollars?

A billion is 1000 million in the United States. In the UK it is a million million. * * * * * In the UK since the middle 1960s, a million has officially been a thousand million - not a million million.

How do you write one billion one million one thousand one?

In digits: 1,001,001,001 (Using the accepted "short scale" billion, which equals one thousand million.)

How many million in a billion euro?

One billion is one thousand million.

Does 500 million equal one-half billion?

Yes, 500,000,000 is one half or 1,000,000,000 or five hundred million equals one half billion.

One million means how many billion?

If your asking what is a million stated in a billion it would be .01 billion. But if your asking something else contact me.