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1 quarter is equal to one fourth of the original height. therfor, 10 meters is a fourth of 40 meters.

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Q: One quarter of you is ten meters?
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How many square meters in quarter acer?

One quarter acre is 1,011.71 square meters.

What is one quarter of 40?

AnswerOne quarter of forty is ten. "one quarter" = ¼ or 0.25"of" = × (multiply)¼ × 40 = 1040 divided by 1/4 = 16010

How many yards is one hundred and ten meters?

One hundred and ten meters is one hundred yards.

How many centimeter are ther in ane and a quarter meters?

There are 125 cm in one and a quarter meters

How many meters equal one quarter mile?

402.3 meters

You have two digits you are between 16 and 24I am one- quarter of a multiple of ten?

I have two digits.I am between 16 and 24.I am one-quarter of a multiple of ten

What is three eights plus 7 eights?

It is ten eights, or one and two eights or one and a quarter or 1.25 as a decimal.

Ten and one-fourth meters is equal to how many centimeters?

There are 100 centimetres in one metre. Therefore, 10 and a quarter, or 10.25, metres, is equal to 10.25 x 100 = 1025 centimetres.

Convert ten and three quarter kilometers into meters?

10.75 km x 1000 = 10750 m

What is a quarter in a running track?

100 meters is a quarter of a lap. 400meters is a quarter of a mile (or one complete lap)

What fraction of ten is one and a quarter?

It is an eighth.

How many sq m in quarter of an acre?

there are 1011.715 meters sq. in one quarter of an acre

What is one quarter of a kilometer in meters?

It is 250 metres

How many tenths are in one meter?

Ten of them.

What is a quarter of a kilometer?

One kilometer is 1000 meters, so 1000 / 4 = 250 meters

What is 10.25 as a mixed number?

Expressed as a mixed number, 10.25 is equal to 10 1/4 or ten and one quarter.

Is 945 half past nine quarter to ten quarter past ten or a quarter past nine?

Quarter to 10.

How many square meters in one quarter of an acre?


What is an example of 100 meters?

a quarter of one lap on a track

What fraction of ten is one and one quarter?

5/40, 1/8

What is one quarter of ten thousand?

1/4 of 10,000

How do you get 1.25 dollars using quarter and dimes?

Ten dimes and one quarter, or three quarters and five dimes.

How many meters are the in half a meter in one quarter and one half?

eight and a half

How many many centimeters are there in one quarter of 3 meters?

75. There are 100 centimeters in a meter, so 3 meters = 300 cm. A quarter is 300/4, which equals 75.

How many centimeters is six and one quarter meters?

625 centimeters