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A square metre is a unit of area. A millimetre is a unit of distance. The two units are therefore incompatible.

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Doesn't work.

Meters is distance only, square millimeter is a unit for area. They don't compare.

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Q: One square millimeter is how many meters?
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How many square meters make one square millimeter?

12/10002 = 0.000001

One meter is equal to how many square millimeters?

one-millionth of a square meter is one square millimeter. In decimal, 0.000001 square meters

How many decemeters in a millimeter?

One decimeter = 0,1 meters One millimeter = 0,001 meters Hence: One decimeter = 100 millimeters One millimeter = 0,01 of a decimeter

How many square millimeter is in one square millimeter?

Either the answer is 1, or this is a trick question!

How many meters in an mm?

A millimeter is one one-thousandth of a meter

How many 30.5 meters in one millimeter?

There are zero "30.5 meters" in one millimeter. 1mm = 0.001m and 1m = 1000mm and 1000mm = 1m and 0.001m = 1mm.

How many meters are in one millimeter?

There are 0.001 metres in 1 millimetre because 1 milimetre is one 1000th of a metre.There are 1/1000 meters = 0.001 meters in one millimeter.1/1000

How many Angstroms are equal to one millimeter?

One Ångström is 10^-10 meters. One millimeter is 10^-3 meters. Thus there are 10^7 Ångströms in 1 millimeter. (10,000,000 Å = 1 mm)

How may meters are there in one millimeter?

There are 1,000 millimeters in one meter. So there are 0.001 meters in a millimeter.

How many square millimeters make one square meters?

Easy. 1 m has 1000 mm. So 1 square meter would equivalent to 1000 mm x 1000 mm or 1000000 square millimeter.

1 millimeter equals how many meters?

0.001 one thousandth of a meter

How many micro meters are in a meter?

1 micrometer = 1.0 × 10-6 meters