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(16 x 22)2 = (16 x 4)2 = (64)2 = 4096.

Always perform the operations inside parenthesis first.

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2009-02-27 07:37:22
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Q: Open parenthesis 16 times 2 square close parenthesis raised to the second power?
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How do you simplify open parenthesis x squared times y squared close parenthesis to the cube plus open parenthesis x cubed times y cubed close parenthesis to the second power?

(x2y2)3 + (x3y3)2 = 2x6y6.

How do you simplify open parenthesis x squared y close parenthesis times open parenthesis y z close parenthesis times open parenthesis x y z close parenthesis?

x cubed y cubed z squared

What is the use of open and close parenthesis?

open parenthesis

How to use open and close parenthesis?

Open parenthesis are used at the beginning of a quote. Close parenthesis are used at the end of a quote after the punctuation.

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(\_/)(^_^)(") (")This bunny looks best in Geneva on Microsoft word.DIRECTIONS1. open parenthesis (shift+9) + backward slash + underscore (shift + dash) + forward slash + close parenthesis (shift+0)2. open parenthesis + carat (shift+6)+underscore+carat+close parenthesis3. open parenthesis + quotes (shift + apostrophe) + space + quotes + close parenthesis--or--(\(\('.')(( )( )This bunny looks best in Times New Roman on Microsoft Word.DIRECTIONS:1. open parenthesis (shift+9)+backward slash + open parenthesis + backward slash2a. open parenthesis + open quote + space + open quote + close parenthesis2b. go back to step 2a. and change the space to a period.3. open parenthesis + open parenthesis + space + close parenthesis + open parenthesis + space + close parenthesis

What is open parenthesis xplus2 close parenthesis open parenthesis xminus1 close parenthesis less than or equal to 0 in interval notation?

the answer is either 42 36 58 12 5 6 90 45 18

What is half a parenthesis called?

parenthesis = singular form, i.e., ( OR ) parentheses = plural form, i.e., ( AND ) The singular forms are generally referred to as: open or left parenthesis = ( close or right parenthesis = ) As for the top or bottom half of one parenthesis? I have no idea.

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What does a semicolon and close parenthesis mean?

That represents a winking smiley-face.

What is six times one open close parenthesis times five give the answer?


What is the answer to 5 open parenthesis a plus 2 close parenthesis?

the equation is 5(a+2) if a is 1 than the answer is 15 if a is 2 than the answer is 20 if a is 3 than the answer is 25 etc...

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