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Rational numbers are (basically) fractions. You can compare any two fractions by converting them to fractions with a common denominator, and then comparing their numerators.You can also convert them to their decimal equivalent (just divide numerator by denominator); that also makes them fairly easy to compare.

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It is one of the properties of rational numbers that this can be done.

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Q: Ordering Rational Number
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Is it possible to write two consecutive rational number?

It is possible if you define some arbitrary sequence, to decide which number comes "after" which other number. There is no "natural" sequence, as in the case of integers; to be more precise, you can't use the ordering defined by the "less-than" operator as such a sequence: between any two different rational numbers, there are additional rational numbers.

Is 1.234 is a not rational number?

It is a rational number

Is the product of a rational number and a rational number a rational number?


Is a whole number is a rational number?

you mean is a whole number a rational number? and yes it is and rational number. Any number that can be put in a fraction is a rational number

Is a rational number always a rational number?

As much as, in these days of uncertainty, anything can be anything. As long as the constraints of a rational number are kept to, a rational number will always remain a rational number.

Which number can be multiplied to a rational number to explain that the product of two rational numbers is rational?

It must be a generalised rational number. Otherwise, if you select a rational number to multiply, then you will only prove it for that number.

How is a rational number that is not an integer different from a rational number that is an number?

A rational number which is an integer can be simplified to a form in which the denominator is 1. That is not possible for a rational number which is not an integer.

Can you multiply an irrational number and a rational number to get a rational number?

Yes, but only if the rational number is 0.

Can a rational number be multiplied by an irrational number and equal a rational number?

Only if the rational number is 0.

Is 3.456 a rational or irrational number?

It is a rational number. It can be written as a fraction.

Is 5.75 repeating a rational number or irrational?

It is a rational number.

Is -8 a rational or irrational number?

-8 is a rational number

What is a rational number number which is not a rational number?

There is no such thing as a number that is both rational and irrational. By definition, every number is either rational or irrational.

Is the square root of 100 rational or irrational number?

It is 10 which is a rational number.

Is 1.96 a rational number or an irrational number?

1.96 is a rational number

Is the number 3 rational irrational both rational and irrational or neither rational?

The number 3 is a rational number (as is any integer).

Is 34 over 8 rational?

Yes. Any rational number divided by any other rational number is a rational number.

Is a Rational number plus rational number equals rational number?

Yes, the sum is always rational.

is 0.313111331 a rational or irrational number?

It is rational. An irrational number is a number that you cannot define by a fraction or a decimal. Since you wrote it as a decimal, it is rational.

Why does a rational number plus a rational number or a rational number multiplied by a rational number equal to rational number?

The way in which the binary functions, addition and multiplication, are defined on the set of rational numbers ensures that the set is closed under these two operations.

Is a rational number an irrational number?

No rational number is an irrational number.

Is pie a rational number or not?

It is rational number.

Is the number 0.57 rational?

That is a rational number.

Is 16.4 a rational number?

Yes, 16.4 is a rational number

Is 0.74362991 is a rational number?

That is a rational number. Any numbers that are not rational (irrational) are either repetitive such as 0.3333333.......... or are surds. Since this number is not one of them, it is a rational number.