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The Microwave Oven

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Q: Originally invented in 1947 what modern-day kitchen must have sold one million units by 1975 and is powered by a magnetron?
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Is magnetron an element?

A magnetron is a high-power, high frequency vacuum tube. The magnetron is the source of radio-frequency energy in RADAR systems and in the microwave oven in your kitchen, for example.

When was the omelette invented?

In the kitchen

When was the kitchen stove invented?

Benjamin Thompson invented it in the 1800`s

How are microwaves a spin off of military technology?

When RADAR was first invented, in the 1930s, it didn't work very well because high directional accuracy required either a gigantic antenna or very short wave-lengths. Vacuum tubes had great difficulty in producing wavelengths below about 1.5 meters. In 1940 two men named Randall and Boot, working at Birmingham University in England, invented a device called a Resonant Anode Cavity Magnetron which could generate wavelengths about a thousand times shorter. Now called just a magnetron, this transformed RADAR; it has also transformed cooking, because there is at least one in almost every kitchen, inside the microwave oven.

What energy powers a microwave?

Microwaves use electricity as their source of energy. The electrical energy powers the magnetron inside the microwave, which generates microwave radiation. This radiation heats and cooks the food inside the microwave.

What kind of company is World Kitchen?

World Kitchen, LLC produces and distributes kitchenware and is based in Rosemont, Illinois. They were originally part of the glassmaker Corning but split off in 1998.

What happened after roger bacon invented the magnifying glass?

He went into his kitchen and used it on bacon

What kitchen must have was invented in 1947?

The first microwave oven, the RadarRange, was produced in 1947.

Who invented the electric coconut grater?

The kitchen grater was invented by in the 1540s by François Boullier. The specific electric grater for coconuts was invented by Bengimin Armendo.

Who invented wood fiber paper?

wood fiber man, cant be women they belong in kitchen

When did kitchen aprons become popular?

Kitchen aprons were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s. Women began wearing aprons in during the 17th century. Before they were worn by women, they were originally worn by men.

Originally a vacuum cleaner company Electrolux became the world's largest manufacturer of kitchen outdoor and cleaning appliances Where is it based?