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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Out of 30 question Ahmad answered 12 of them incorrectly What percent of the questions did he answer correctly?
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How many questions can you get wrong on a test that has 45 question and get 60 percent?

If you answered 27 correctly and 18 incorrectly, you would have answered 60% correctly.

A student answered three que7 a student answered three questions on a 40-question test incorrectly what percent did the student answer correctly?


A student answered three questions on a 40-question test incorrectly. What perecent did the student answer correctly?


On a 50-question test a student answered 5 questions incorrectly What percent did the student answer correctly?


Who correctly answer to Yaksha' questions?

who correctly answered to yaksha's question

There are 50 question and you get 90 percent right how many questions were answered correctly?

45 were correctly answered

How do you answer a question?

* For questions on, see the related question below.A question is answered by providing information, possibly qualifying how the information relates to specific aspects of the question. A question may be answered correctly or incorrectly, and specifically or generally.

How many questions can you miss to get an 80 percent on a 30 question test?

6, you must get at least 24 of the questions correct to make an 80%. I found this by setting up a proportion: x questions 80 % _________ = ________ 30 questions 100% = 24 question (must be answered correctly) 30-24= 6 questions (can be answered incorrectly)

Is answered an adverb?

No, answered is the past tense form of the verb answer. It can also be an adjective.Can you answer the question?He answered the question correctly.This is one of many correctly answered questions.

How do you put the word incorrectly in a sentence?

I answered one question on my test incorrectly.

What question must always be answered yes if it is to be answered correctly?

- Will you answer this question? - What is the opposite of the word "no"? - Do lazy students use WikiAnswers instead of reading their text books for the answers? (The answer to this question is not always yes. Many of the questions on WikiAnswers are legitimate questions and not just probes to answers from student assignements. The fact that the author who posted this response has many contributions to WikiAnswers indicates that he/she either is wasting their time by supplying answers to lazy students or that he/she deliberately chose to answer a question incorrectly.

What do you mean by statistical observation?

you explain how to solve this question? If there is an equation that I can use will be appreciated. 70% of students answered question A correctly, 55% of students answered question B correctly, 20% of students answered neither question correctly. What is the percentage of students answered both question A and B correctly?

What was jeffersons foreign policy?

This question needs to be found somewhere else.This website is not true.All thou some questions will be answered correctly that does not mean that they are all correct!!!!! This question needs to be found somewhere else.This website is not true.All thou some questions will be answered correctly that does not mean that they are all correct!!!!!

What are questions people don't answer?

On Answers, you may find that it is more difficult to get your question answered if it is not spelled correctly, has improper grammar, is categorized incorrectly (or not categorized at all), if it's incomplete or posted as a statement (rather than a question), or if it's biased. For more information or tips to help your question get answered more quickly, check out the Answers Help Center (link below)

14 questions incorrectly out of 350 question what percent of the question did she answer incorrectly?

She got 4% incorrect.

Why has your question not been answered yet?

There are millions of questions on WikiAnswers and only so many contributors that answer questions. It sometimes takes some time for someone that knows the answer to your question to run across it and answer it.Some ways to get your question answered quicker are:Make sure the question is spelled correctly.Make sure the question is categorized correctly and not in the uncategorized category (it will take much longer for it to be answered if not categorized).

Which word is spelled correctly?

All of the words in the question are spelled correctly. The 11-letter word that is most often spelled incorrectly is...incorrectly.

What is questionaut?

Questionaut is a fun education game by the BBC. You go through different levels of maths, English and science, to find your friend's hat. In each stage, you have to set up the question process, then answer at least 5 questions correctly - once you have answered correctly, you get another gas bubble inside the Questionauts balloon. If you answer incorrectly, you lose a bubble. (see related question)

How do you use the word correctly in a sentence?

"He answered the difficult question correctly."

Why are almost ALL of my questions answered incorrectly doesn't anyone really read the entire question before responding?

Sir, there are many writers over here answering to the asked questions. you can't blame everyone.

What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got three wrong and there are forty questions?

92.5% were answered correctly, to arrive at that answer divide 100 by 40 and you get 2.5. so each question is worth 2.5%. either multiply 37 by 2.5 or 3 x 2.5 and subtract from a 100.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers have the right answer?

Anyone(even if you don'y have an account) can answer questions. This causes much more vandalism. If your question has been answered incorrectly we apologize and will do our best to fix mistakes.

Why does WikiAnswers give out the wrong answers?

Since anyone can answer questions this causes much more vandalism. If your question has been answered incorrectly we apologize and will will do our best to fix any mistakes.

When you ask a question how do you look at the questions you asked?

When you ask a question, you should go to the answered questions area and see whether your question has been answered.

Who answered to Yaksha's question correctly?