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23 cents can be written as .23 dollars.

.23 * 4 = .92 dollars (or) 92 cents

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Q: Paper clips sell for 23 cents per box what will 4 boxes ccost?
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Paper clips sell for 23 cents per box what will 4 boxes cost?

92 cents.

Paper clip sells for 23 cents per box What will 4 boxes?

Paper clips sell for 23 cents per box what will 4 boxes cost

How many boxes of paper clips would you need to 10000?

10000 boxes to get 10000 boxes!

Steve needs to assemble 60 packets Each packet requires 5 paper clips How many boxes of paper clips does he need if there are 100 paper clips in each box?


What is the mass of a box of paper clips?

I've seen paper clips in a t least 5 different size boxes, so this question doesn't make sense.

144 paper clips in twelve boxes is what?

The 'mathematical' term for 144 is 'a gross'. There are a dozen paper clips in a dozen boxes.... which is very few. Most paper clip suppliers put more than that in a box.... perhaps you mean twelve boxes - each containing 144 paper clips. I don't think there is a word for that number - 1728, except that it is 12 'cubed' - the product of multiplying 12 by 12 by 12.

How many paper clips are in 1 mole of paper clips?

6.02 x 10^23 paper clips (602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 p. clips).

What is easier to bend paper clips or hair grips?

paper clips

If a paper clip weighs approximately one gram estimate how many paper clips will be in a 0.5 kilogram box of paper clips?

500 paper clips

How long would a chain of one million paper clips be?

10 paper clips is 7.5 inches, so 7.5X100,000= A million paper clips

When was Paper Clips Project created?

Paper Clips Project was created in 2004.

How many 5cm paper clips to reach 4000 km?

80,000,000 paper clips.

What did Norwegians do with paper clips?

The Norwegians used the paper clips as a symbol during the Holocaust.

Do magnets attract paper clips?

yes magets can attract iron paper clips

Will paper clips attract a magnet?

No, but in fact, the magnet will attract most paper clips.

Why don't paper clips burn?

Paper clips will burn given a high enough temperature.

Are paper clips made from iron?

No.........paper clips are made up of steel wire or plastic.

Do magnets stick to paper clips?

Magnets will stick to iron paper clips, but not to plastic ones.

Can you recycle paper clips?

Yes, paper clips are made of metal and can be recycled. If paper clips and staples are left attached to recycled paper they are separated during the recycling process and can be recycled as metal.

How long is a millon paper clips in a line in inches?

Paper clips come in different sizes. A million two-inch paper clips would be two million inches long.

What are paper clips made of?

paper clips are usually made out of steel wire. Some are made out of plastic.

Do steel wiredrawing plants make paper clips?

Steel wiredrawing plants manufacture paper clips

Do you expect paper clips to be attracted or not a attracted to a magnet?

yes because paper clips are made of metal

How many paper clips in 4 dozen?

1 dozen is 12 paper clips. 12 times 4 = 48. So there are 48 paper clips. Hope this helped =)

How many paper clips long is Arizona from its northern to its southern border?

Assuming a paper clip is about an inch, approximately 24766100 paper clips.

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