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29 meters squared or 312 feet squared.

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Q: Patio is 24foot long by 13 foot wide what is the square meter measurement?
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Is meter the same as square meter?

no. a metre is a measurement of a straight length whilst a square metre is a measurement of an area 1m x 1m in size. No, metre is a length measurement unit whereas square meter is an area measurement unit.

How many square km is 1 meter?

Non. you can not equate a length measurement (the meter) with an area measurement (the square km).

How many square meter in one meter?

This question doesn't make any sence. A square meter is a two dimensional measurement of area, a meter is a one dimensional measurement of length. You can't have any square meters in a meter.

What is 2.5 meter square?

2.5 square meters is a measurement of area.

What are square meters and meters?

A meter is a unit of metric measurement. A square meter is like drawing 4 meters to make a square.

How many sq meter is equal to One cubic meter?

Square meters is a measurement of area. Cubic meter is a measurement of volume. One has little to do with the other.

630 meter to square meter?

This compares a linear measurement to a two dimensional measurement. 25.1 meters long x 25.1 meters wide is 630.01 square meters.

How many square meters in 100000 meters?

Square meter is a unit of measurement for area, and meter is a unit of measurement of length. So these two units cannot be compared to each other.

How do you calculate patio area in square meter?

Measure the length and width of the patio area in metres. Times the length by the width to find the square area in metres. For instance: a patio measuring 10 metres by 8 metres: 10 x 8 = 80 square metres.

Is cubic meter of concrete same as a square meter of concrete?

No. A cubic metre is a volume measurement, what you can fit in a box, 1x1x1 metres in dimension. A square metre is an area measurement corresponding to 1x1 metre.

How many meters is in one 1 square meter?

Technically, the answer is "un-defined" or un-answerable. They define 2 different types of measurement.A "meter" is a measurement of length, while a square meter is a measurement of area.Think of it in terms of the shape of a square that is 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter. You can define the perimeter length (which is what you might be asking for), and that = 4 meters (each of the sides of the square added together). The area of the square is 1 square meter, which you get by multiplying 2 sides of the square together, which in this case is 1 meter multiplied by 1 meter = 1 sq/meter.

How many square feet are in one meter?

A square foot is a measurement of area. A metre is a measurement of length. There are roughly 10.76 square feet in one square metre, but a square metre is not the same as a metre.