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What is the metric system prefix for the quantity 0.001

In the metric system what is the prefix for 1000

In a given community a grasshopper eats grass a bird eats the grasshopper and a cat eats the bird What is the trophic level of the bird

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Q: Percentage of soccer popularity in each state?
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How many representivesdo each state have?

Only two senators are allowed to go to Congress for each state. But representatives are based on the popularity of this state. For example, if New York has 200,000 people, it would have about 10 representatives or more.

When did soccer become popular in the United States?

While people began playing soccer in the mid-1800's, it didn't start to rise in popularity until the early 70's. Americans' love of soccer is still on the rise. More people are becoming involved in soccer programs each year and recent soccer matches are drawing record attendance and television viewers.

Is soccer manager free?

no It is not all sports have managers just like baseball I play for my state and I have a manger for soccer. Each of us also has our own assistnat

How many American senators are in the US?

100 two from each state. The house of representatives is capped at 435 members, and each state gets a percentage of that relative to its population.

What is the percentage amount taken from each payroll check in state of Oregon?

call me : 01298 85569

How many people in Florida are Catholics?

In late 2008 the Catholic Bishops released a statement giving the percentage of people in each state who were Catholic: U.S. Catholic Population by State State - Florida State Population 18,251,243 Catholics 2,366,688 Percentage Catholic 13

Where can a soccer player team only play soccer?

On a soccer feid that has goals aat each end

What percentage of licensed insurance agents are African-American?

This question can be answered by making a Freedom of Information request to the State Insirance Department of each State.

How long do professional soccer players practice each day?

Professional soccer players practice each day for three hours .

What is the minimum percentage of votes a political party must get to acquire the status of a registerred party?

each state's requirements are different

How popular does soccer get each year?

it dosnt get any popular except when theres a world wide match or something,, then it'll be opular. but soccer wont get popular each year. it just is soccer.

How do we get the percentage of an isotope?

the abundance percentage of each isotope

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